Squad Follows PUBG, Bans ReShade Third-Party Tool

If you're a fan of pretty screenshots, then there's a good chance you'll have heard of ReShade. It's a post-processing tool that gives users more granular control over a game's visual effects, including the colour, depth of field and more.

Unfortunately, ReShade can also be used to give players unforseen advantages in multiplayer. So until an update is shipped out, ReShade has been banned in PUBG and more recently, Squad.

The Squad developers announced their decision to ban ReShade indefinitely through a blog post. The decision was supposedly reached after consultation with the devs behind the third-party anti-cheat software EasyAntiCheat, a program commonly used in the competitive Counter-Strike community.

As Offworld Industries, makers of Squad point out, ReShade gives users the ability to control the level of fish eye zoom applied. As the below GIF illustrates, a user could use the ReShade controls to reduce the amount of zoom applied when aiming down ironsights, giving the player more vision and a competitive advantage over others in the server:

It's not currently possible, the Squad devs argued, to block the individual feature within ReShade. It's either all or nothing, and given that a level playing field is better than an uneven one, ReShade will be banned until the software gets an appropriate update.

"We're looking into some graphical options on our end in the meantime, but with any luck, ReShade will be quick to respond and get everyone a set of custom settings that not only look great, but play fair for everyone," Offworld Industries wrote.

In the interim, the studio is investigating what visual settings they can add into the game to make up the deficit between the available options and the extra tweaks that ReShade provides. Anyone who tries to use the third-party tool won't be banned if they accidentally have it loaded though: they'll simply get an error message and a crash to desktop whenever they try to play Squad. Once the ReShade files are removed from Squad, you'll be able to load up the program and play without any trouble.


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