Square Enix's New Arcade Game Looks So Damn Cool

[Image: StarwingParadox]

Leave it to Square Enix to make one of the neatest-looking arcade games shown at this year's Japan Amusement Expo.

It's called Starwing Paradox, and features a movable pilot seat.

Now, have a look at it in action.

See? So cool.


    Oh god oh god oh god! It's like VOOT and Gundam mixed together to form one perfect concoction of orgasmic goodness!

      Oh man, I miss virtual-on, I wonder how much it is to buy the arcade cabinet for it.

        Last I checked at an auction, starting from $6k.

    Meh. Anyone remember Galaxy Force 2? From the 90's? That mofo went 360° around and upside down. Was so freakin good (tho it did require the poor staff @ Timezone to have a mop n bucket on standby. If they jammed this game into GF2's arcade rig... that would be something awesome indeed.

    No doubt the arcade cabinet/seat is cool, but the game itself looks like a confusing mess!

    Plus...is it just me, or do those jerky seat movements look like a one way ticket to whiplash town!

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