Subnautica, As Told By Its Bug Reports

In Subnautica, pressing F8 allows players to give the developers feedback and attach a screenshot. Since early access, all of these feedback reports have been anonymised and made publicly available. They show glitches, offer suggestions, and praise the cool things players find. They're also a rare insight into what players do when they have a feedback tool. Here are some of my favourites.

"I got stuck in the bottom of a ladder of the second Degasi base, and can't get out. I tried using the Repulsion cannon, but it didn't work"

"Umm, I just got launched out of my cyclops and am about to reach"

"i was using console commands to warp out of the aurora and the sky was still weird, so i slept in a bed and now the water is gone."

"Entered my base via hatch while being chased by a Sand Shark. Sand Shark is stuck inside of my base floating in the air. Sand Shark is now blocking me from exiting."

"My cutefish started to swim inside my base all of a sudden. He can't get out of it now."

"Screw that thing" (This could refer to any number of things.)

"i am trying to find the sea dragon but i cant find it. And where is the place where the sea dragon is."

Sorry to comp[l]ain, but I'm new this game, and I don't I'm supposed to get stuck IN the ladder instead of going up. I watch DanTDM play this, and its never happened to him. So, if you could tr"

"Can i do this"

"I absolutely LOVE the texture you put on the grappling arm's cable. SO NICE!"

"for some reason my cyclops fire lights are on when theres no fire"

"I'm falling eternity"

"This is the best game ever made bar non."

"I sometimes find animals that force black squares when its on screen. so far its been jelly rays, and now its the skeletal eels in the lost river"

"Bui[l]t a small habita[t] tube on wreck it deleted the wreck"

"It would be nice if player submarines went faster while surfaced. Also if we had control while in the air we could do flips and jump over obstacles more easily. That would be fun!"

"4546b flat confirmed."

"Guys i took a punt on this game and its freaking awesome. I love it and cant get enough, thanks for making a spectacular and captavating game."

[Subnautica Feedback Tickets]


    Hanging for this on the PS4.

    ...preferably after they fixed all this :p

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