Sydney Opens New Co-Sharing Incubator, Invites Video Game Developers

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It's not quite the same as the ongoing investment from Film Victoria or South Australia's recent $2 million injection into the video game industry. But Sydney just has opened a new incubator for the tech, media, entertainment, music and design industries, and video game developers are invited too.

The state government this morning announced that The Studio Incubator, a co-sharing space backed by the public and private sector, would open its doors from March 1. According to the website, the hub would act as a "centre of gravity" for startups in the gaming, creative, entertainment and other industries.

The incubator is part of the Sydney Startup Hub, which opened last year and is located on York St in Sydney's CBD.

Tenants would be provided with a variety of support, including: pathways for education programs, internships and mentorships; connections with major organisations like Amazon, Microsoft, the CSIRO, Data 61 and more; proximity to regular meetups among the tech, media and creative industries; access to top-line broadcast studios, including facilities for AR and VR development.

Two founding residents are The Working Group and Oovvuu. The former is a company responsible for AI-driven video distribution, while the latter is a company that creates narrative experiences in new formats with VR or mixed reality.

Interested developers can register their interest through the official Studio website. You'll have to answer a bunch of questions prior to registering though, including what stage of development your startup is at, what field the company operates in, the amount of space required, and what facilities would be needed.


    I sooooo wanna be there. Mostly because I'm sure that is an Art Deco building.

      First thing I thought of when i saw that picture was almost the same thing but Gotham specifically, looks like a building from the early batman comics

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