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    Ahhh the sweet embrace of air conditioning, how I have missed you
    Thank the gods it is cooling down this evening

    Hey guys, did you know that Hanzo almost had Zenyattas voice?


      Where can I read more ?

      You win. Now there's nothing left to talk about. I guess I'll wait until next TAY *walks out*.

    How much better is the weather, fellow Melbournian and Tassies?
    I swear, I was dying slowly. I have no idea how the Queenslanders put up with it.

      It was too hot to paint and now it's too humid to paint :(

        I can do woodworking and stuff at least now

      A lot of them (read Far North & North Queensland) are acclimatised to it. Bunch of weirdos up there anyway..

        You can become acclimatised to that?!

          Yeah would seem so. Territorians are. Anything below 25 degrees is cold to a lot of them LOL.

            under 25 is perfect! =P

              I don't mind high 20's or into the 30's, just not in a humid climate.. Dry climate however i'm totally comfortable lol.

                I am useless as soon as it goes into the 30's. I try to sleep through it

    Anyone watching the Super Bowl next Monday?

      If I can am over the fact the us Jags were robbed with one of the worst calls in playoff history then I probably will.
      Although you might have guessed I'm not over it yet

        That should read get over the fact. Guess who reworded their sentence

        You talking about the PI call on Bouye or the Myles Jack down by contact call? They were both pretty bad. What got me was how happy the refs were after the Pats scored after the PI call. It's insane.

        I'll be watching the SB but since my two most hated teams are in it, I'll grudgingly hope the Eagles win just to stop Brady and BB's domination. Hopefully with McDaniels and Patricia gone next season the Pats will come down a notch.

          The Myles Jack call. There was no way that the ref could call that 100% down by contact and while a played in full flight for a potentially game winning TD you let the play run. The fact it was blown dead was disgraceful. He might have been right and the result we got might have been right but on a play that was already going to be automatically reviewed you had to let it play out.

          I think the Boyue call was soft but can see it was there. I know what you mean about the celebration though.

      I'm really hoping we get invited round to a neighbour's place to watch the game :D

        Did you?

          Yes! A family from school invited us round - the boys mostly played with cars, but the game was good!

            And the result even better! I'm not an Eagles fan but I do have an irrational hatred of Tom Brady :-)

            That would be cool. I've watched it live but not really the same vibe in the morning. Did they do horrible for you but tasty snack food like pork crackling or whatever.
            That is part of the superbowl watching idea for me

              No, they were very nice, we had pizza and a few snacks. I reckon next year we'll host our own superbowl party.

    Is it just me or has the comments section disappeared from

      Not just you.... Their appears to be no official information as to why..

      Yeah it looks like it is gone, but haven't heard an explanation yet

      I was wondering this myself. If I had to guess I'd say they decided it wasn't worth the trouble of moderating it. I mean Kotaku comments can get a little off the rails when the subjects hit a nerve, but Gizmodo comments would get mean over absolutely nothing.
      If the moderation delays here are anything to go by they've been understaffed on that front for a while. It would make sense to cut off Gizmodo and focus on Kotaku and Lifehacker.

      Yup. Gizmodo is essentially dead. Comments are gone. And everyone at gizmodo has gone radio silent. Shame really. I loved commenting over there. Now I don't go there anymore. I can get the same news from cnet.

        I don’t think it’s dead. I still go there. Just that at the moment they have disabled the comments section.

    Well there have been a few looking forward to in 2018 articles so figured I would list mine

    All aboard the hype train

    Jurassic World Evolution
    A remake of operation genesis by the guys that did planet coaster. Sign me up and mail me a ticket.

    Monster Hunter World
    Having never tried a monster hunter game before I gave this a try at PAX. Which I found the controls to be off putting I have been assured that it is something you get used to. There was enough of the game there that I can see it could really be for me.

    Detroit: Become Human
    Story rich games are my jam and this has the potential to deliver. Hits lots of the right buttons for me based on the trailer so looking forward to it. Alan Wake is still the only David Cage game I have played so hopes are high, perhaps too high.

    I think like a lot of people I just want this to be vampire masquerade:bloodlines. Gut feel is that it is going to hit a different vibe but that it will still be enjoyable. Hopefully you can still play a variety of styles.

    This looks gorgeous, brutal and all the right sort of crash and boomy. Of course with my track record I will play enough to get into some hard missions, leave the game for months, come back and have forgotten how to play at a high level and wipe my team. Likely I'll pick this up further down the track when I have more time.

    Darksiders 3
    Latest game in the best Zelda series on PC. A fair bit of turmoil between the releases but think some of the key staff are back. Hoping it is good but should be a fun brawler romp no matter what

    Metro Exodus
    Metro 2033 is one of the greatest single player FPS of all time so metro titles will always be of interest to me. From what I have seen so for it seems to be taking a lot of the things away from the core that I love but will still be checking it out. Not sure how well open world survival style play will gel with the metro formula.

    Psychonauts 2
    Psychonauts is my favourite game of all time so very hyped for the sequel. Going to be going into this one fairly blind.

    Kingdom come deliverance
    Curious if they can pull it off and if they do it will become a must have. As on of the people who 'kickstarted' mount and blade before kickstarter existing I'm interested

    Interested but not on the hype train

    Dragon Ball Fighter Z
    Played at PAX, had fun but not really my genre of choice
    Tropico 6
    Still haven't got back to the modern times DLC of tropico 5 so this is a backburner game for me
    Looks like fun, good concept and visuals but just missing something to properly sell me on it

    Keeping an eye on but not likely to get

    Extinction - Giant ogre game
    Kinda like the look of it but think it will be repeatative and not enjoyable after a bit
    Could have been more interested but with monster hunter world launching on PC this has slid down the priority list

      "Alan Wake, David Cage"... what?

        Wait. What!
        I have always had Alan wake as a David Cage game. I would have sworn it was.
        How the hell did that relationship get locked into my brain.
        How can I know if anything is true
        What the hell

          David Cage can't make a good game like Alan Wake.

            David Cage wishes he could even approach the level of writing quality Remedy displayed with Alan Wake.

      I should be hyped for Darksiders 3 but I'm really not, I'm worried about it instead. The way AAA has gone recently, I'm kind of expecting we'll be getting an open world action collectathon thing instead of the Zelda-like of the previous two. Also Joe Mad's not involved and IMO the art direction didn't look as appealing, he really brought something special to the first couple games. That said the developer working on it is largely ex-Vigil guys so I should probably give them the benefit of the doubt. Need to see more concrete info from them.

        I have the same concerns around darksiders 3. With all the turmoil around ownership and the who is working on it I am worried. But at least there is a bunch of the vigil guys working on it so hopefully they at least have the core of the storyline to work with.
        I hope they know that it is loved for being a Zelda game and don't try to make it Just cause or AC.

          Yeah, this is why I need more info. If it's just another third person action adventure like every other game then I'm just not interested in that.

      Rather than just be a downer, shit I'm actually excited for in 2018:

      - Ys VIII
      The PC version keeps getting delayed and NISA botched the initial PS4 release so badly the game had to be re-translated. The re-translation is out very soon and hopefully the PC version follows it soon as well, because the general consensus is that this is one of the best of the series. Really excited to finally get to play it.

      - Trails of Cold Steel II PC
      Can finally finish the goddamn cliffhanger that the first game left on. XSeed's falcom releases are all fantastic quality and the first Cold Steel game's PC version is definitive so very much expecting the sequel to be similar quality. This will be the fourth time I'm buying the game and the first time I actually think I'll get around to playing it :P

      - Sea of Thieves
      Rare's return to form. This game is seriously great. I can't say too much because I've got an NDA (I was in the Alpha), but it's as fun as it looks.

      - Ace Combat 7
      Returning finally to Strangereal, and it just looks great. AC6 despite the terrible plot is one of the games I used to pull out and play through every year or so, so really hoping that this turns out as good as it's looking. It really feels like it's been ages since the last really good air combat game.

      - MechWarrior 5
      Fuck Battletech and its turn-based boring, I'm super excited to actually be able to jump in a proper single player stompy robot game again - it's been fifteen years since MechWarrior 4. The fact this will have co-op and multiplayer at launch is just gravy. Now if only someone would please rescue the third big FASA license (Crimson Skies)

      - Fire Emblem
      Just please localize it properly - and with dual audio - this time. Fates was such a disappointment. I'm assuming this is a 2018 game based on how Nintendo has talked about it, and based on the fact they managed to do a simultaneous worldwide release for Xenoblade 2.

      - Valkyria Chronicles 4
      Everything about this is looking spectacular. Valkyria is the best SRPG no one played. Still sad we never got VC3 in English but I'm happy we're getting a proper return for the franchise, especially after the bullshit alternative universe one they released last year.

      - Metroid Prime 4
      Assuming it actually is coming out in 2018 - jury seems to be out still and Nintendo's roadmap for 2018 is very murky right now. This being in the pipe was what put me over the edge and convinced me to buy a Switch at launch.

      I'm also pretty excited to listen to Red Dead Redemption 2's soundtrack. Not at all excited about the game though.

        Mechwarrior 5 isn't on my radar at all. I don't think I have even heard it was releasing
        Sea of thieves sounds good and maybe if there is a tay crew happening I might join in. Hard to get time to play anything that I can't pause for significant periods though which is why it is not on the list

          MechWarrior 5 was announced fairly recently (November or so I think?) and there wasn't a lot of fanfare for some reason. Might have been drowned out by other stuff. I'm thinking it could be a really good use-case for a VR headset as well.

    Anyone near injdup natural spa in WA capable of examining the Fossils of the Megladon shark scattered about? There is a one metre tooth, some jaw fragments, and soforth.

    Monday night I start playing Shantae 1/2 genie hero. TUesday night I was up to the last level despite trying to collect and prolong my play time. This one feels a lot easier then Shantae and the pirates curse, which is the first one that I played.
    I guess it would be the perfect game for newcomers of the series, but some of the jokes and reoccuring themes would go over their heads.

      Some of the jokes are still funny are become more silly when one goes back to the older games.

      Like Rotty "dooming" the world for coffee, :-P

      There is some new DLC out as well but I'm waiting for the "whole" collection to come out on the Switch in April.

        I just got up to Risky's Hideout and I must say, I really hate the Harpie transformation. Definitely my least favourite one. It's just so difficult to control vertical and horizontal movement

          OH LORD! That was a nightmare!



            After taking a break for a day, I tried again tonight but I was too tired. I keep failing at the monkey part. Apparently I'm a special kind of retarded.
            Also, the switch version has two extra spike pillars

              Also, the switch version has two extra spike pillars

              .....Someone at Wayforward has a very sick sense of humour.

                I just thought, of all the consoles, it's the switch.
                But like I said before, aside from this last level, it's actually been quite easy.

                  Yeah, I'm not gonna lie. With a little grinding early on, it's easy to cheese the majority of the game.

                  I actually tried the hard core mode after completing the game and could not even finish the first level.

                  But that is no surprise. Outside of SimCity and Myst, I suck at games that require timing and reflexes.

        I learnt from Shantae and the pirates curse, but still, I got so many more game overs in Pirates curse then I ever did in this one

    I've recently started volunteering at a computer recycling place, and it's not too bad.
    We basically disassemble old computers so that the parts can be resold.
    I ended up scoring an old Samsung monitor to replace my old 4th BenQ monitor that I had.
    The BenQ one was 18.5" at 1366x768, whereas this one is 19" at 1440x900.
    Another plus is that it uses touch buttons instead of actual buttons for the front panel.
    Only downside is my middle monitor seems to cover the bottom when I'm sitting down.

    Hi all

    Just a quick hello - from the USA! We made the trip, we're in a lovely tiny house, the weather is fabulous (of course, it's California) and Batboy is now and official FIrst Grader at the Elementary school round the corner.

    We don't have a TV yet, thank goodness we have a Switch!

    Hope you're all survining the summer - we'll get another one in a few months...

      Tip, if you're thinking you might be back in Australia at some point: Sony TVs have universal power supplies.

      Hey! I've been enjoying seeing your pics on FB/Instagram. Looks awesome where you guys are living. I'm jealous. Maybe one day i'll get to visit the USA :P

        California (everywhere except LA itself) is a pretty awesome place to visit if you get the cash saved up.

          I'd argue against that, LA has it's things like Sunset Strip where a lot of my favourite bands started out like Motley Crue & Guns N' Roses being two of them & it has some of the most famous rock clubs like the Whisky A Go-Go, The Troubadour, The Viper Room & The Roxy, then there is The Rainbow where a lot of rockstars like to hang out & it was a personal favourite of Lemmy from Motorhead.

          But i'd much rather visit SF mostly because it's SF & has an awesome culture. California in general always seems amazing. It's one of the few states I want to visit. I mostly want to go to Canada though :P

    Where can I get drunk?

    MHW spoilers for two of the 8-star assignments:

    Holy crap, Kushala Daora is freaking annoying as a hammer main. Not particularly hard-hitting, but the range of my hammer is slightly lower than the range of his buffeting wind aura, which means when he has that aura up, I get knocked back before my attack can land. There must be a way to force that aura to drop, but I persevered and eventually beat him with roughly 2 minutes to spare.

    Teostra, otoh, was an awesome fight, aesthetically and mechanically. I'm not really a fan of his Smelter-Demon fire aura, but everything else was freaking cool. The flying fire-breath, the blast phases, the AoE patches he leaves around, the self-destruct blast... So cool. Felt particularly satisfying to return after carting to find him asleep, and take him down with one well-placed hammer-blow to the head.

    David Benioff and D.B. Weiss are going to write and produce a new series of Star Wars movies. Without putting a whole heap of deep throught into it, this excites me! What's everyone else's thoughts?

      My first thought is who are those people?

        Co-creators of the television series Game of Thrones. These new films will be separate from both the episodic Skywalker saga and the recently-announced trilogy being developed by Rian Johnson.

        So Disney is really going hard with Star Wars! Lets hope the more the merrier.

          Initial thoughts are that it is s positive thing.
          My first concern would be if they can actually write as they were just taking an existing story and adapting for TV show.
          More star wars is a good thing

            When it comes to Star Wars taking an existing non-Skywalker story and adapting it might be the best thing ever. Granted it could also be the worst thing ever.

              Great idea they say, let's check our options.
              People love star killer base so maybe we should go for something with star in it. Just to keep it consistent.
              Good plan, but we want it to appeal to a wide audience so make sure we appeal to the female market.
              Right. Now what do females like. hmmmm maybe ponies or crystals.
              Well they did pony thing with Rose in TLJ so maybe go with crystals.
              Hey look, here is one called Crystal star it will be perfect
              Brilliant, what could go wrong

    I am still annoyed that Dragon Quest builders is so bloody expensive for what it is.
    A port of a two year old game for $80? Get stuffed! Unfortunately, I really enjoyed the demo.

    Hello from Kanadia everyone!

    I just wanted to say that I read all of you complaining about the heat, and I hate you with the fury of a thousand suns! It is currently a balmy -6 here; -16 if you factor in the wind chill.

    It's not so bad though. It was closer to -40 over Christmas!

      It's so hot that I can't sleep well ;-;

        It's pretty easy to fall asleep in -20. It's the waking up after you've frozen to death that's the issue!

      Greetings from California. Today will be sunny and 24degC. So will tomorrow, and everyday for the forseeable future ;)

        You know, I'm a pretty chill guy and there are very few people I actively hate. Donald Trump, Eric Abetz, Cory Bernardi... and now CookingMama :P

        Just kidding <3 I couldn't hate you

    Got a package in the mail this week from a very close friend in Canada, she totally surprised me with a belated birthday present, home made gingerbread, a nice little card, some candies that she liked, a few patches (one of them very sentimental to her) & one of her most cherished paintings that she painted, she said it was very hard to part with. I am really touched that she put so much effort into a personal gift for me. Makes me feel very lucky to have such an amazing person in my life!!!

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