The Best JB Hi-Fi Reviews

Regardless of what happens in the world of video games, we can always rely on some banger reviews from the fine staffers at JB Hi-Fi.

The Aussie retailer has always punched well above its weight when it comes to funny reviews. Whether it's having a dig at Activision for Deadpool or hot takes on the fifth season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, you can always count on those little yellow labels to put a smile on your dial.

Let's start with one of the all-time classics.

Many thanks to the JB Reviews Tumblr page and all the readers who have sent in amazing JB reviews over the years. Seen a cracker that's not included? Get in touch!

GTA 5 is not for kids.

Surprisingly, Pokemon Ultra Moon isn't either.

Bethesda copped flak for their launches, although the Fallout 76 dig was subtle:

EA copped it the hardest for Anthem though, and that's when the game was still selling for more than $10.

Naturally, JB management weren't too impressed at the dig from their staffers, which spawned this ironic gem:

Staffers around the country also stuck it to Konami when the news about Hideo Kojima's working conditions started breaking:

But most of the time, like any good gamer, JB reviews tend to take the piss.

How can you not love that little box.

This one's a bit low-res, but still a searing burn nonetheless.

The staff don't restrict their savagery to just video games, either.

In general, the staffers are fantastic at putting together great displays and art.

But let's not forget the absolute GOAT...

... although this serve at Fortnite runs pretty close:


    JBHIFI Bunbury, there's a little fat blonde haired bloke that works in the video games area. Never met anyone so annoying in my life. Started screaming at one of the customers because he wanted a XBOX 1. Customer walked out. Not all JB staff are "fine".

      There's one in Melbourne here as well that flat out lies to consumers about their rights. But you get that with anything there's always a bad few.

    Lost it at 'Dandenong Simulator 2k17'.

      I live in Dandy and always wondered where that one was done (it's bloody funny)

      Refund simulator and Le Tour de France had me laughing pretty hard too.

        Recycling the R sticker on Le Tour review is sheer retail genius.

        10 out of 10, would laugh again.

      I grew up in Dandy and yep, definitely shed a tear from laughing so much

    I wonder if someone reviewing Persona 4 Golden being called "Catherine" was coincidence or a nod to another ATLUS game.

      Missed that, well spotted

    Far Cry Fore got me. Too bad there wasn't one about the main character in Days Gone being openly sexist.

    can happily claim responsibility for Dandenong Sim and Le Tour haha

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