The First Reactions To Black Panther Sound Like Marvel Has Crowned A New King

The First Reactions To Black Panther Sound Like Marvel Has Crowned A New King

Marvel Studios’ Black Panther had its world premiere yesterday along with several press screenings in New York and Los Angeles. Soon after, reactions hit social media, and if you weren’t already mega-hyped for this movie, you’re about to be.

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With a few small exceptions, the reactions basically range from “This is amazing” to “This is the best Marvel movie ever.” Yes, some fans and critics are already ready to crown the film the best Marvel movie yet. Is it? Well, you’ll all be able to make your own decision on February 15. But for now, here are just a small sampling of the reactions.

Black Panther opens February 15. We’ll have much more soon.


  • I am already super pumped for the film.

    With all due respect though, Twitter is the last place I get movie and game reviews…

  • wow, just like wonder woman.

    anything that isn’t white and/or male these days – because those two equal racist discrimination.

    Yes, its great, lets celebrate it, but just because it happened doesnt make it “the best ever”
    Someones skin or gender doesnt make things infinitely better before the race has even started.

    • Honestly, it’s just cool to see an African super hero.

      Just like it would be cool to see a South American, Chinese or Antarctican super hero. Diversity just allows for new and interesting locations and scenarios.

      • Yeah and i fully support that – you know there was already a dude in Iron Man?
        he was a super hero – maybe not the same representation, however, the comics are the ones that dictated the races, not the studios.

        Why doesnt Stan Lee get accused of racism?
        Its the same as that ‘get out’ movie – critically acclaimed racism on screen.
        The best movie of the year apparently.

        These conversations are not inclusive, they are divisive.

        My issue is, the movie has been seen to be getting standing ovations BEFORE it starts.
        Its getting high praises from those that havent seen it
        and the lead actor saying “this is what africa would have been like if not for white colonisation”

        They turn it into a race war, its there to divide – maybe not the movie, but the critics and the comments.

        I’m going to watch it, just like the all the others, but i wont pass judgement until i do.

        • Did you actually watch Get Out?

          It’s a great movie about the social expectations of black people, and how the idolisation of the black physique can be a problem. They turn something that is a common occurrence for black people (I.E being treated differently in a social situation due to your race) into a horror story, which helped me as a white dude understand what it is like to be someone who isn’t the majority.

          if you just saw it as “Kill Whitey” then you were watching it with your mind already made up on it.

          • i saw it before release thanks to a few sites around the web – and before i fully understood the premise. I went in blind and left with a bitter taste.
            It was direct enough to demonise and entire race, which is what i thought years of fighting for equality would have diminished

            Why? Because im white? expressing my dislike has done naught but identify me as a racist

            not dissimilar to your last comment…

          • I think you missed what Jordan Peele was trying to say with Get Out. It was not a movie that attacked white people or called all white people racist. Heck, its biting comedy wasn’t even targeted at your typical outwardly racist person. It was a commentary and critique of a very specific kind of people: The people who project an apparently progressive liberal world view, however, when you pick away at the surface, it reveals that this apparent progressiveness isn’t really about inclusivity at all. It’s a perverse interest in the novelty of the ‘other’ and the social benefits and accolades afforded someone who appears to be accepting and ‘woke’.

  • Other people’s Tweets are not a article. They are not even sophisticated enough to be get a consensus on whether or not a movie is amazing or shite.
    These are just everyday people!
    And you can’t trust everyday people because they listen to Justin Bieber and watch sequels to Hotel Transylvania and the like.

    • People on Twitter aren’t even every day people. They tend to be people with very strong opinions on things. Consensus doesn’t exist on twitter, it just tends to be two extreme views in an echo chamber being amplified by retweets.

      While any standard, non controversial view is drowned out or hidden due to how normal it is.

  • Seriously looking forward to Black Panther. He was one of the most interesting and coolest characters of Captain America: Civil War, so I’m pretty pumped to see his own movie.

    Also, Twitter = bad place to get movie/video game reviews.

  • I don’t know, I saw the trailer for this before The Last Jedi and it just looked like Black Panther chasing cars which is pretty much what he did in Civil War!

    My resistance to fiction is usually set to maximum whenever someone trots out some made up country no-ones ever heard of for dramatic purposes (US movies and TV used to do this all the time with made up names of countries in Europe or Asia so they didn’t offend anyone with their stereotypes)

    So Wakanda is already stretching credulity as far as I’m concerned but with the early reactions maybe it hangs together really well so wait and see I guess!

    • So wait… you think that they should have abandoned the whole idea of Wakanda? And drastically changed the character’s backstory (and the whole backdrop of the Marvel world) because having him come from a real-world African country would be more grounded in realism?

    • No absolutely not I’m just saying whenever you wheel out a made up place that’s supposedly on earth (I count “Sokovia” in that category) i find that sort of trope annoying – they shouldn’t change it – the comic is older than I am FFS – Im just interested to see how it’s handled because these Marvel movies started off plausibly enough with Iron Man and now they’re in pure science fiction territory!

  • Plenty of diversity here, if you don’t count Asians….which Hollywood is quite happy to white or black out.

  • I’m psyched for this movie but according to Twitter Suicide Squad and Batman v Superman were amazing films so…

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