The Mega Man Legacy Collections Are Coming To The Switch

The Mega Man Legacy Collections Are Coming To The Switch

Due out on May 22, Capcom has announced that the first and second Mega Man Legacy Collection bundles will be ported to the Switch.

Already released on consoles and PC, the two collections contain Mega Man games 1 to 10. Both games will come with amiibo support, although a note in the trailer says that the retail release will only include the first Legacy Collection on the cartridge, while the second “will be a download voucher”.

The re-release will also include a challenge mode with online leaderboards and remixed levels. Anyone with a golden or regular Mega Man amiibo will also be able to play the 11 fan-made challenges that were previously released for the 3DS version of Mega Man Legacy Collection, Capcom wrote on their blog.

The Switch release will also come with a rewind function, akin to the feature in Rare Replay.

Mega Man Legacy Collection will sell for $US14.99, while the second is priced at $US19.99 internationally. Both are due out May 22.


  • I’ve never clicked with Mega Man, I’ve never got my head around that the games are more about memorisation than trying to get through the levels first time. Having a rewind feature may be able to help with that and give it more of a “Braid” feel.

  • Love Megaman, hate these collections. They are way too much for way too little. Especially considering the lack Megaman & Bass that always happens when they release these.

    Also, a download code? Nah man!
    I don’t techinically own things I download and pay for, and it SHOULD be on the cartridge with the first collection.

    Modern day Capcom is an abortion/10.

    • And it doesn’t even include the MM Power Fighters games from the original Anniversary Collection – which included all 8+2 games on the one disc.

      Better off just hunting down the original collection and pirating the two WiiWare titles.

      • I’ve still got the PS2 versions of MM and MMX collection. I play those often still (I have a retro gaming room with an old TV for such occasions).
        This newer product is just… It’s shovelware. It’s a puddle of emulation with a price tag attached.

        • I imported the US GCN copies (since Capcom weren’t gracious enough to bless us with such privileges back in the day… how things change, right?) and was disgusted when hearing that Legacy Collection would have less content than the originals. Seriously, splitting it in two so they can sell it (again) twice instead of just expanding it with the two extra games? They need to just die already.

  • I’m cool with with the whole download thing. As long as we get this physically in Australia.
    Now as for how possible THAT is…

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