The New LEGO Millennium Falcon Looks So Fine

Man, I don't know what it is about it, but this might be the best LEGO Millennium Falcon ever.

I shouldn't be this excited - it seems as though we get a new LEGO Falcon every time Han Solo's trusty ride shows up on the screen. The $US169.99 ($216) Solo: A Star Wars Story Kessel Run Millennium Falcon, due out in the US in April, doesn't seem much different from those that have come before. Same basic shape, crafted from 1414 pieces. Why is it so damn sexy?

The set comes with seven minifigures, including young Chewbacca, young Han Solo, Qi'ra, Han Solo's friend whose name I can't remember, a Kessel Droid, and two additional characters that haven't been revealed yet. Maybe that's it, the intrigue of those mystery characters.

I dunno. Maybe this is a mystery I will never solve. Check out the gallery below for more shots of the Kessel Run Millennium Falcon. Australian pricing and release date has not yet been confirmed.


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