The Next Two Rainbow Six: Siege Operators Are Packing Some Powerful Gadgets

The Next Two Rainbow Six: Siege Operators Are Packing Some Powerful Gadgets

Finka and Lion will be the next two operators joining the Rainbow Six: Siege roster, as part of the game’s third year of post-launch support. The two biohazard specialists will bring some chemicals and tech to the game alongside the Operation Chimera update on March 6.

After a teaser revealed their names and look earlier this week, Ubisoft Montreal took some time during this weekend’s Siege invitational to chat about what they do and what it looks like in-game.

Finka gives her team a nanobot shot before the operation, which can be activated by her through a signal. The bots dissolve in the operators’ blood and give them a short boost of health, faster aim-down-sights and reload, and better control of their recoil. The last one seems particularly useful, as the difference between normal recoil and Finka-infused recoil is night and day.

Lion, on the other hand, brings a drone to the party. His EE-One-D drone can hover above the battlefield detecting movement. After a short countdown, everyone moving on the enemy team gets seen and tagged. Best solution? Stay still.

Both of these operators will be joining the attack lineup, and Finka is already looking pretty good for a team that wants to storm a building by force.

Despite being a game going on its third year, support for Rainbow Six: Siege has been strong. Alongside the new operators, Siege will be getting a new Outbreak mode and more loot. Although players have been nonplussed about the issues with cash-only loot boxes, it’s still neat to see a game be iterated upon for so long.

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