The PlayStation Network Went Down, Again

After a couple of outages in late January, PS4 users around the world had difficulties signing into their consoles yet again.

Thousands of complaints were lodged via social media and elsewhere about being unable to sign into Sony's servers. The outage has been fixed, according to the the official PlayStation service status page.

But to get a sense of the length of the outage, here's a chart of user reports from third-party website Aussie Outages, which tracks complaints whenever services and networks (such as PSN, Xbox Live, Telstra and so forth) go down:

PS4 users on social media were none too impressed, either:

The outage marks the third outage for PSN in the last few weeks, with the network having issues on January 22 and a week later on January 28.


    wonder if its DDOS

    or just crappy network.

    There has got to be a way I can blame NBN Co for this surely :p

      PlaystatioN Network

      Has 2 Ns in it.

      NbN has 2 Ns in it..

      Link established.

        They're both things which are now forced onto everyone, charging us more money, to get what is sometimes worse than what we had previously, thus making us questions what it is our money is actually going towards...

    My isp also down in my area. Times like this is why I got skyrim on disc.

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