The PS4 Pro Is Getting A Supersampling Mode

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Not everyone has upgraded to a 4K TV yet, even if they own a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X. So for those on the Sony side of that equation, there's a new feature that might help image quality. A bit.

Unveiled this morning on the PlayStation Blog, PS4 Pro users will get a "supersampling mode" in the 5.50 PS4 system software update. The feature basically does what it says on the box: games that render at a resolution higher than your TV will downscale to match the TV's resolution, theoretically improving the image.

The trick, of course, is that some game's already do this. Games that have been patched or marked as "PS4 Pro Enhanced" may already have supersampling or downsampling built in, and as a result the new mode won't add any benefits. But for games that haven't been patched for the PS4 Pro, the feature should improve image quality a tad.

Along with the supersampling, software 5.50 will also add a family feature called Play Time Management. It's basically designed for parents to limit the playtime of their kids, and can be controlled and customised through the PlayStation app on your smartphone or through a web browser:

Image: PlayStation Blog

The library and quick menu are also getting adjustments, which you can read about here. A beta version of 5.50 of the PS4 firmware will be rolled out today, with emails going out to select users.


    Not everyone has upgraded to a 4K TV yet, even if they own a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X.

    I think that is because those two consoles only interest those who already have a 4K TV (or plan to get one very soon).

    Furthermore, of the two the XboneX is the more attractive option because it has a 4K drive in it while the PS4 Pro does not.

    The decision to leave one out is gonna come back to haunt Sony, if it hasn't already.

      I bought a ps4 pro for the framerates. I knew there'd be enhanced games for it and EB were offering a good trade in deal, so I went for it.

      I have a 1080P tv but I have literally NEVER thought "you know what this needs? More pixels". I have no regrets. I like my PS4 pro. It's alright!

      Last edited 08/02/18 9:26 am

        I bought a ps4 pro for the framerates.

        OK, I missed that as I feel constant framerates (in this day and age) should be standard.

        If it has become a feature for the PS4 Pro then something really is wrong at Sony.

        I personally don't mind more pixel (mostly so everyone in the room has the same level of clarity) but I will admit, I prefer a constant, steady frame rate if I have to pick between the two.

          To add ..

          Xbox One X also improves framerate and the capability for better framerate than the PS4 Pro. Games are "Enhanced for Xbox One X too"
          There isn't much between them. Your real differentiator here are:

          1. Does more of your friends own a PS4 or Xbox (presumably you want to game together)
          2. Exclusives
          3. 4k Bluray Player - for those inclined.

          Last edited 07/02/18 12:29 pm

          ...everyone in the room would have the same clarity at any resolution

          30 fps is standard, but with the pro, for some enhanced games, you have the option of 60fps.

          Which I will tick everytime.

          You also sometimes have an option for enhanced graphics at 30fps as well. Which for horizon: zero dawn I do use because it looks magnificent.

          Constant framerates, even now, are definitely not a standard thing. And as someone who uses a console, getting one of these advanced version is the only way to have a semblance of a choice.

        In your case, that's perfectly fine..

        But @wisehacker isn't wrong though. I was on the market recently and the deal breaker for me was the 4k bluray player. I had the TV, sound system, everything was setup, but having a 4K bluray player drive drove my decision to get the Xbox one X..

        I am no fanboy, I've already got an Xbox One AND a PS4. This was purely thinking which will give me the best benefit and Bang for Buck.

          Total agreement. They should have included it. I don't know why they didn't. But I was already hooked into the sony ecosystem so going xbox with a new library of games wasn't on my radar.

          But yeah, I totally agree with you.

        Yeah, I eventually got a Pro not long before the new year (first time getting a PS4) because I had seen enough analysis done by Digital Foundry to know that the PS4 Pro had more stable frame rates in a number of games (but usually only in performance mode which normally decreases the resolution anyhow). The whole 4K thing doesn't interest me at all, and I'm not looking to upgrade my 1080p TV anytime soon (1080p is still fine by my standards).

      My old Ps4 which was a gift was a dud so to replace that gift, I was given a Ps4pro, I don't yet have a 4k capable tv but the faster frames is what's important to me, Frames (Gameplay) Should always come first before graphical fidelity i think, Plus most of my games like Payday 2look really bad so 4 k isn't going to help lol.

      Only time will tell.

      The Pro unquestionably has a much larger line up of exclusives, a fact that will influence the purchasing decision of many. I use a One S for UHD discs but, like most of my friends with the required gear, I only buy a few titles that really make the format flex its muscles (e.g. BR 2049 & Fury Road). Other than that, the majority of my 4k viewing is done on the Pro via streaming. I think streaming is the future - a future that's already begun given the popularity of Netflix - and Cerny and Sony clearly did too when developing the enhanced console.

      Of course, those who prefer the best quality video available (although many can't tell the difference between a UHD disc and a decent 4k Netflix stream) and play only multi-platform titles will be better served by buying an X. The same applies to those, unlike me, who want a single device to take care of everything in the lounge room.

        Ps4 Pro is great. Can't wait to pop Shadow of the Colossus in.

        I can tell the difference between disc and streaming, but... streaming is SO easy.

        it seems like so much effort now to get up, find the disc, open it, take out the game disc, blah blah blah

        Streaming is totally the future.

          streaming is SO easy.

          Discs used to be just as easy. One of the main features of DVDs back in the day was putting the disk in, press play on the menu and one was away.

          Now we have these copyright warnings, piracy "educational" videos, unskippable trailers and menu loading. And that's before I even pay for my BluRay and leave the store.

          If disks really are dead, it won't be because of a lack of relevance. It's because publishers have pissed off their consumer base.

      4k movies will be streamed. Discs are dead.
      Not having a 4k drive won't hold back the PS4 Pro at all.

        probably not in AUS.. with our crappy NBN. (although mine hasn't given me trouble)

        For the moment, i can tell the difference between a 4k stream and proper 4k media.

        Planet earth 2 in 4K UHD blue ray with HDR looks.. spectacular.

          I'm not sure that Sony and MS will give 2 hoots about the Aus market sales of their consoles.....

            Well no they wont. But it did influence me to buy the XB1X over the PS4Pro.

            But i have PS4 and original Xbox one anyway.

            I don't think anything will be holding back the PS4 Pro or the Xbox One X for that matter. The choices to buy will come down to:

            1. What console your group of friends have
            2. The exclusives you want to play.
            3. If a 4k UHD drive matters to you. <- for those inclined

      Its your opinion pal

    But for games that haven't been patched for the PS4 Pro, the feature should improve image quality a tad.
    This is incorrect. If the game doesn't have a pro patch it won't be rendering internally any higher than 1080p. I see this feature as only beneficial to the pro patched games that lock the resolution to 1080p if you're playing on a 1080p panel.

    If the games haven't yet been patched for PS4Pro, why would they have high-res textures to supersample down?
    This makes no sense

    Higher textures are not needed to improve overall image quality. It's all about the internal rendering resolution. This is why, for example, Xenoblade Chronicles looks much better when rendered at 4k on PC than it does at 480p on the Wii. In both scenarios the assets are the same, but it's the rendering resolution that determines the picture quality.

    Basically, unsupported Pro titles will probably be rendered at 1440p and then downscaled to 1080. This will reduce shimmering and 'jaggies', resulting in a cleaner presentation overall.

    It's not "games that haven't been patched for the PS4 pro", it's games that have been patched or support the ps4pro but only offer a higher resolution to TVs connected to a 4k screen whilst not doing anything for 1080p TVs. This new feature will supposedly take that higher res image and supersample down to a cleaner 1080p image for 1080p tv players. Results will vary from game to game. And some ps4pro games already do this. So it's to fill the gap when developers skip this feature.

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