The Short Life Of An Erotic Game Decorated Car

On February 25, Twitter user Kuronosu's Suzuki Swift was minted with erotic game characters. Two days later, he drove it into a ditch.

Before and after photos. Image: くろのす, ARTBOMB2

Characters for the adult computer game Riddle Joker was emblazoned on each side of Kuronosu's Swift, turning the vehicle into an itasha (痛車 or "painmobile"), which refers to cars covered with anime and game characters. They're called "painmobiles" due to the pain their inflict on the owner's wallet - or other folks' eyes. This painmobile, however, protected Kuronosu from serious injury. Thank goodness for that!

Here, Kuronosu says his Riddle Joker itasha was completed.

He took his newly branded Riddle Joker wheels for a spin.

The police apparently asked him what kind of characters were on his car. "Erotic game ones!" he replied.

A late trip to superstore Don Quixote.

He changed the wheels in anticipation of going to the track the following day.

Early morning jitters at the track.

"Apologies, the car ended up wrecked." The engine was totaled.

Kuronosu had to go to the hospital but said on Twitter that his injuries were minor and that his beloved car had protected him. Glad to hear he's OK!


    I can't even figure out how it ended up at that angle.

      lost control and flung over the rail?

      It's one thing to end up in a ditch, but to launch over a guard rail into the ditch is something else.

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