The Thirteenth Doctor’s Comic Book Adventures Begin This Fall

The Thirteenth Doctor’s Comic Book Adventures Begin This Fall
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We’re still many months away from Jodie Whittaker’s full debut as the latest incarnation of the Doctor–but it’s not just on television that she’s going to be making her start later this year. She’ll be joining her fellow Doctors in comic book action with her own ongoing series, too.

Announced through The Hollywood Reporter today, Titan Comics confirmed that Doctor Who: The Thirteenth Doctor will launch this fall, joining the company’s currently ongoing comic series for the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors.

Art has yet to be revealed–understandable, given the fact all we’ve seen of Whittaker in action is her half of Peter Capaldi’s regeneration scene at Christmas, and a few official stills of her in her new outfit–but Titan did confirm that the first female Doctor’s comic will be created by an all-female creative team. Jody Houser, the writer behind DC Comics’ Mother Panic and several Marvel Star Wars adaptations, will be joined by recurring Who artist Rachael Stott, and colorist Enrica Angiolini. So now you’ve got two debuts to look forward to later this year!


  • I’ve been a lifelong fan of Doctor Who ever since primary school watching Tom Baker’s run of the show.

    But the whole gender switching / picking stuff changed to the cannon which was not part of the show until now was too much for me. I’m done with the show. I’ll still happily watch the earlier stuff.

    If that makes me sexist then meh I’ll wear that. The Doctor is a man.

    • Sweetie, you are not a lifelong viewer, you started with the same Doctor as my daughter! I started on episode one in November 1963, twice, because of the Kennedy assasination. We have ALWAYS known there were time ladies. I wish you lot would get over yourselves and just learn to watch TV for it’s own sake. No true fan cares about your trauma.

      • I went back and watched the entire series from scratch (Hartnell era) a few years ago. Watched 2-3 episodes per night. Took me like 2 or 3 years to get from Hartnell to Matt Smith’s run of it (Capaldi’s era came very soon after).

        Going through the Hartnell and Troughton episodes required “watching” a few that were just audio only, due to the episode(s) being lost. That was “fun”.

        I’m a life long fan :). Or was, I should say. Once a show starts changing the cannon it just loses my interest. I’ll still happily watch older episodes however.

    • Firstly, I think you mean “canon” not “cannon”.
      Secondly, there is no Doctor Who canon.
      Both Star Trek and Star Wars, as franchises, have official statements (by the relevent studios) about what is canon and what is not.
      The BBC have never made a similar statement so therefor there is no guide as to what is canon or not.
      Stepehen Moffett made the statement “It is impossible for a show about a dimension-hopping time traveller to have a canon. Steven Moffat (San Diego, 2008)”.
      As for the sex change – there have been previous suggestions that a Time Lord can change form during regeneration into something other than human-shaped and even in Tom Bakers series Romana tried different physical forms during her regeneration (you would remember that from your primary school days).
      In the recent series the 11th doctor checks his adams apple after regeneration to see if he is a man.
      So, in summary, if you are stopping watching because you don’t think you can watch The Doctor as a woman then go for it. Claiming it as “not canon” though is a bit of a stretch.
      Personally, I’ll just wait and see. I don’t think good or bad = man or woman. Sylvester McCoy was a man – worst Doctor ever!!

  • I would rather they wait to see if the new show is actually any good first. S10 really stuffed it up writing wise, and I know they have a new head writer for S11, but… Well, I am not hopeful.

    • It’ll be fine.

      I’m sure it’ll get a perfect 100% from its first 80 reviews, until some sexist ruins it with some bullshit about “plot” or “character”.

  • That’s a bit…rushed. While I have never read the comics, so I might be wrong. But I assumed they based the Doctors personality on what you see on the show. Which, in this case, if the show is still filming/not yet aired, there is nothing to base it on and so you’re getting two versions (possibly) of the same Doctor, a Comic and a TV version.

    Would rather they just waited till mid season and then base it on that and continue forward.

    But I don’t personally read them, so maybe its always done like this. Just seems…weird.

  • This Spring? whos spring? what country spring we taling about?

    please use months next time, i have no idea when this is…

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