There Is Now A Tomb Raider Barbie

There Is Now A Tomb Raider Barbie

Image: IGN

Barbie has had many jobs over the years. Raiding tombs and shanking dudes with axes are now being added to the list.

Alicia Vikander’s upcoming movie role, and while her clothes are bit cleaner and more stylised than we’ll see in the film, they did include bandages, an axe and a map.

It goes on sale online tomorrow, but I guess some stores accidentally started selling it early, since there are “children and their parents unboxing toys on YouTube” videos of it already.


  • In two minds about this, on one hand awesome a toy that is targeted towards young girls shows of a tough non princess like image.
    On the other hand the Barbie connection, which basically always made girls feel like there looks were more important than what they do.

    • Seems fairly consistent then – let’s be honest, there has been a lot of emphasis on Lara Croft’s looks over the years.

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