There Might Be A Secret Kojima Productions Message In Metal Gear Survive

Things didn't exactly end on a good note between Hideo Kojima and Konami. That doesn't mean Konami is without those who still care about the legacy of the Metal Gear creator's old studio.

Metal Gear Survive. Screenshot: Konami

While at Konami, Hideo Kojima headed up a development arm known as Kojima Productions. Since leaving Konami, he's founded his own company which shares the old studio's name.

Kojima Productions is often shortened to "Koji Pro" or "KJP". For example, this Kojima Productions tweet from last December uses the KJP initials. That makes this discovery by Twitter user Michael Yurko stand out even more.

As you can see on the notepad, the first letters of these words read "KJP Forever" when the top code names, the bottom ones and the code name Heitai are skipped over. Otherwise, they spell out MMGKJPHFOREVERYY. We've confirmed that these names really do appear in Metal Gear Survive.

"Bastard Yota" might refer to Metal Gear Survive director Yota Tsutsumizaki, while "Cunning Yuji" could refer to the game's producer Yuji Korekado.

A nod to Kojima Productions would not seem out of place in a game that ends with a "Special Thanks" section dedicated to "Metal Gear Solid V All Staff".


    In YongYea's video on the topic he also points out that the second and third names spell out MG and are the only ones listed as KIA (Killed In Action). And the last 2 names are the only ones listed as AWOL, suggesting they've abandoned their duty.

    I call Konami Dad. Because they’re not there for me anymore.

      Not because they fucked someone who means a lot to you?

        I do care about Hideo, but I’m mostly feeling the loss of Konami’s legacy titles/franchises.
        Suikoden and Gradius are the real victims here.

    Considering how hostile work place Konami was reported to be... there are a few people being screamed at for putting this in, not seeing this and probably asking if they can quietly remove it.

    Someone was probably hoping this would remain hidden at least until the end if their contract (which may now end abruptly)

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