There’s A New Tomb Raider Arcade Game

There’s A New Tomb Raider Arcade Game

It’s not an action adventure for consoles and the PC, though: It’s a four-player lightgun game that you play at the arcade.

Released to coincide with the movie due in March, it’s exclusive to Dave & Busters, and as Arcade Heroes points out has hardware based on… Rabbids Hollywood.

Interestingly, despite the movie timing, the art on the game is from Square Enix’s series.

The fact you practically can’t see any gameplay at all in the video below does not exactly fill me with confidence, but hey, if you’ve been wondering where all the movie tie-in games have gone, here’s one!


    • You joke, but a new arcade did recently open in a shopping centre near me. It’s mostly shitty prize machines, but it doe have that new version of Daytona (which is actually pretty faithful) and a Tekken 7 machine.

  • From what I saw the objective of the game is that you are presented with a scene and then you jump around randomly pointing the gun at it. Either that or they are so good at the game they were shooting everything before it even spawned in.

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