These Japanese Traffic Cones Are Spiritual And Beautiful

Traffic cones are roadside eyesores. But in Japan, there are spiritual ones, depicting the guardian of travellers and children.

[Image: Hanako_magazine]

On Japanese roads, stone Jizo Bosatsu statues are ubiquitous. If you've taken a walk in the city or a hike in the countryside, you've come across a Jizo statue, often wearing hats or bibs.

Few deities are more beloved in Japan than Jizo, a favourite of adults and children alike.

Artist Fusao Hasegawa created the first Jizo traffic cone over 10 years ago. Since then, over a hundred of them have been created and are available in different colours.

Considering how common Jizo statue statues are in Japan and their associations, adding the guardian to traffic cones makes perfect sense.

"I want them used exactly as regular traffic cones," Hasegawa told IT Media, adding, "I'm going to keep making them until they become a regular part of the typical Japanese landscape."


    Pretty much a perfect representation of Japanese culture, old meets new and practical first

    These little guys are everywhere. I'm surprised I've never seen them worked into more modern practical things like this.

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