This Is Apparently The New Voice Of Dragon Ball's Bulma

[Image via Amazon Japan]

A new Japanese ad for a Dragon Ball branded bath cleaner features the Vegeta and Bulma. Vegeta sounds like he is voiced by long-time voice actor Ryo Horikawa.

Last fall, Bulma's voice actress Hiromi Tsuru suddenly passed away. The bath cleaner commercial below is the first time Bulma has spoken since Tsuru's death. Understandably, fans note that Bulma's new voice sounds slightly different.

Presently, however, there is no confirmation as to whom is voicing Bulma in this TV spot. Once there is, this article will be updated.

However, as many note, Bulma's voice doesn't sound off or strange.


    It's rumoured at the moment that the new voice actress is Aya Hisakawa, who voiced Sailor Mercury in the old 90's Sailor Moon anime.

    Please tell me he yells, "Servant woman , fetch me a drying cloth at once!!"

    Funniest Vegeta line outside of Abridged

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