Valve Remembered It's Making A Card Game

Remember when Valve announced they were making a digital card game called Artifact? It must have slipped their minds for a while too because they have only just now updated the official website to include a logo for Artifact.

Valve announced Artifact during last year's The International. Artifact is a digital card game set to compete with Hearthstone.

Then they did nothing.

The official Twitter account has been silent since August and the official website was nothing more than a white page with copyright text. That all changed last night when Valve updated the website to include the game's logo.

Yeah, that's it.

At this rate there's a good chance that Hearthstone will have been abandoned due to the heat death of the universe before we see Valve's attempt to knock it off of the digital card game pedestal. In the meantime, there's always Gwent.


    The less Valve produce the more coverage they seem to get.

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