Westworld Season 2 Is Shaping Up For A Brutal War

The second season of Westworld lands April 22 internationally, and it's shaping up to be a bloody, bruised battle on all sides.

The latest trailer dropped during the Superbowl, and sets the series up for what appears to be a rough, gory fight on all sides. Narrated by Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood), the overarching theme is one of conquest and rebuilding, showcasing a lot of sequences where park security is battling inside Westworld HQ, new hosts being created, and - potentially - a new park.

For those who missed the entirety of the first season, and don't mind spoilers, we broke down our thoughts on the first season below.

What We Thought Of Westworld

It's hard not to watch something that costs $10 million an episode. So when HBO's blockbuster sci-fi western thriller wrapped up earlier this week, you'd better believe we had some thoughts.

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    I really enjoyed season one, I stayed away from spoilers and I was enthralled to the very end. So with GoT only coming out next year, at least I have something this year!

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