What Game Are You Most Looking Forward To This Year?

There's a lot of 2018 left and there's a lot of blockbusters around the corner. Question is, which ones are you most excited for?

There's some obvious candidates for the rest of the year: Red Dead Redemption 2, if it doesn't get delayed a second time. Ni No Kuni 2 is shaping up to be a cracker, and it'll be fun to see how Ubisoft portrays the US in Far Cry 5.

Also, it'll be nice to play The World Ends With You again. And I'm quietly keen on BattleTech.

What game or games are you most looking forward to this year? If the game you want isn't listed, type it into the Other box below.


    Red Dead Redemption 2 us the only correct answer to this poll

      With the caveat of it not coming riddled with microtransactions and P2W mechanics.

    This is like asking which is my favourite child! You can't ask that... while the kids are around, or people who might tell them my answer!

      There is not enough time in the year for all the gaming I need to do in the year.

      Shadow of the Colossus, Civ 6 expansion are already out, just need some time not spent playing MHW.

      Feb 13: Dynasty Warriors 9, Kingdom Come: Deliverance.
      Feb 18: Age of Empires
      Feb 20: Metal Gear Survive
      Mar 20: AC: Rogue, (while reading reviews for Sea of Thieves to see if there's any point whatsoever to playing it solo)
      Mar 21: A Way Out
      Mar 23: Ni no Kuni 2
      Mar 27: Far Cry 5
      Mar 30: Agony
      Apr 20: Dad of War
      May 25: Dark Souls Remastered
      May 31: Sunless Skies
      Oct 26: Red Dead Redemption

      Ace Combat 7
      Call of Cthulu
      Code Vein
      Days Gone
      Detroit: Become Human
      Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries
      Metro Exodus
      State of Decay 2
      System Shock remake
      The Wolf Among Us 2
      The World Ends With You (switch)
      We Happy Few
      WoW: Battle for Azeroth

      I need to figure out how to retire, like... yesterday. With a comfortable income.

    Wow, that's sad :( I have no interest in any of the games in that poll...

      Was just thinking the same thing, really nothing i’m excited about at this stage. Good excuse to go through the backlog I’ve built up though

    Pretty poor list of games tbh. RDR2, Sea of Thieves, God of War and Dreams are the only ones that really grab my attention.

    I am most interested to see what Shadows Die Twice is and I suspect it may release this year.

    i'm super looking forward to playing Red Dead Redemption 2 in about 3 years when I've played through my current backlog of games!

    If RDR2 actually releases this year, then that, with Sea of Thieves a close second.

      Yeah, same 2 here, though I'm not so certain of SoT yet. While it looks incredibly fun, I still wonder if it has staying power.

        Yeah, Ive played the alpha and the beta... I also have the staying power concerns. It's still a tonne of fun when you have 3 mates on, but so are heaps of other games (when you have 3 mates on)

    Wolfenstein 2 looks fun, waiting on Switch version.

    None of those are interesting to me. My interest lies more in Code Vein, BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, Witch and the Hundred Knight 2, and SMT V. Actually, the start of the year has already brought out some of my most anticipated titles like MHW, Iconoclasts and Celeste.

    Quiet year for me I think. RDR2, and maybe Sea of Thieves are all I'm really eyeing off. Anthem had captured my attention, but that's no longer 2018, so no longer a consideration, and anything else is in early access so probably a good while off yet.

    Those being Star Citizen (its getting there, wont be this year. Maybe not next...), and a Diablo clone called Wolcen that looks interesting. But overall, this year just looks a little empty to me, especially after all the highs of 2017.


    The last of us 2 and divinity original sin 2 for ps4

    Damn, there's nothing I'm totally hyped for on that list.

    Hopefully Vampyr is good?

    Red Dead 2 will be fun, but not the sort of thing I wait for with bated breath.

    Of stuff that's been announced, maybe the new Ace Combat?

      Oh wait, no, I thought of one.

      The new Earth Defense Force. Excited for that.

      I'm putting Vampyr in the same category as Mars: War Logs, Technomancer, Bound by Flame, Lords of the Fallen, Dark, Two Worlds, Risen, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, etc. There'll be something of a gem there, but very, very rough and poorly-cut.

        Hah. The B grade rpgs I usually keep away from. Of those, I've only played Lords of the Fallen, and not very long at all.

        I'm hoping it's like Nightmare Creatures good? Or like Gothic 1 good? (for their time, I mean) I honestly don't know what to expect.

          I actually really enjoyed my time with Mars: War Logs, Bound by Flame, and Lords of the Fallen. Their shortcomings didn't stop them from being pretty enjoyable for the most part. I mean, you always weep over the unmet potential that you could see all over them, but maybe Vampyr will be more like The Surge - which many people panned for some reason, but I completed three times for the platinum and wished there was more. It did everything it needed to and more.

            Hm. That's interesting. I might pick up The Surge when it goes on sale for under $20.

            Lords of the Fallen - it's hard to place why I disliked it. It felt very mediocre to play for me. I'm pretty jaded these days. I even soured a little on my beloved Souls.

            The B grade game I absolutely loved was Mordheim: City of the Damned.

            I really wish Divinity 2 came to PS4. Then I'd have something to look forward to.

              God... I really wanted to love Mordheim, but I got it in Early Access when it was shit.

              The RNG was punishingly unfair in ways worse than XCOM (which at least has a hidden 'take pity on the player' failsafe mechanic). You know that 1s are always an option when rolling dice on a tabletop, but the game seemed custom-built to give you shithouse results in ways that did not match any balance of probabilities beyond loaded/defective dice. Possibly to try and manufacture tense situations, creating fake-ass drama? I don't know why they did it, but it was the worst.

              I don't know if they ever 'fixed' that, but it killed my enthusiasm for playing much more and I uninstalled before they put all new races in as premium DLC, etc. That, combined with the positioning mechanics that were full of shit, and other arcane carry-overs from the tabletop that made no sense.

              Like being punished for finishing a mission too quickly, because it means you can't draw things out and loot more - "oh, you killed everyone in the area, I guess you better run the fuck away, leaving all their shit un-looted instead of taking your hard-won peace and quiet to loot that wydrstone cluster just a metre away from you that you can't pick up because you looted a copper piece from a chest earlier which you can't fucking drop because FUCK YOU, that's why."

                Weird. I never noticed any unfairness whatsoever with the RNG. Xcom 2 on the other hand - although I've read how it benefits the player, I always felt I missed far too many high chance shots and it often felt like it was because the RNG was seeded so that shot would fail because previous low chance shots had worked, if that makes sense. Which is weird, because I loved X-com 1 Iand never had any bad will towards it. I've heard the X-com 2 expansion is excellent, though , so at one point I might give it another go.

                Maybe they fixed Mordheim's RNG, or maybe it's perception. Really can't say.

                I hear you on the looting mechanics, but I liked how fights seemed to play out more organically than X-com. The campaign (which they added post early access) was pretty bad once the maps became a bit harder and meant jumping through a series of terrible hoops. Still, love my teams and how I was able to build them.

    Has to be RDR2, can't wait to see the open world on the PS4 Pro. Also looking forward to God of War after seeing the latest story trailer. Shadow of the Colossus may even suck me in...argh, then there's Far Cry 5. I'm a total sucker for open world games, what can I say?

    It would be Metroid Prime 4 if Nintendo confirmed it was coming out this year....waiting.

    Not many this year I’m looking forward to.

    Ni no kuni 2
    Far cry 5
    God of war
    RDR 2

    Maybe sea of thieves if I’m feeling like it

    Not a huge amount, actually.

    God of War (if it turns out to be decent - that last one was pretty disappointing, but I loved the first 3).
    Yakuza 6

    Other than that... I guess I'll probably get RDR2 at some point, but unlikely to be on day 1. Probably not this year. Dreams looks interesting, but I still don't have much of a clue what it is, so that's a maybe.

    The games I end up liking best will probably end up being some indie thing that I haven't even heard of yet, or it'll be something off my extensive backlog from the past couple of years that I finally get around to. Persona 5, maybe?

    Well I posted this is TAY so might as well repost here with updates based on that thread

    All aboard the hype train

    Jurassic World Evolution
    A remake of operation genesis by the guys that did planet coaster. Sign me up and mail me a ticket.

    Monster Hunter World
    Having never tried a monster hunter game before I gave this a try at PAX. Which I found the controls to be off putting I have been assured that it is something you get used to. There was enough of the game there that I can see it could really be for me.

    Detroit: Become Human
    Story rich games are my jam and this has the potential to deliver. Hits lots of the right buttons for me based on the trailer so looking forward to it.

    I think like a lot of people I just want this to be vampire masquerade:bloodlines. Gut feel is that it is going to hit a different vibe but that it will still be enjoyable. Hopefully you can still play a variety of styles.

    This looks gorgeous, brutal and all the right sort of crash and boomy. Of course with my track record I will play enough to get into some hard missions, leave the game for months, come back and have forgotten how to play at a high level and wipe my team. Likely I'll pick this up further down the track when I have more time.

    Mechwarrior 5
    I didn't realise that there was a new rela mechwarrior game coming out as well. Haven't looked into it much but will always be interested in an actual mech game. Hopefully a fully campaign story of the clans and not some quick tutorial kinda deal with the expected meat of the game to be arena MP. Looking forward to decking out a Mech with PPCs and doing some long range sniping.

    Darksiders 3
    Latest game in the best Zelda series on PC. A fair bit of turmoil between the releases but think some of the key staff are back. Hoping it is good but should be a fun brawler romp no matter what

    Metro Exodus
    Metro 2033 is one of the greatest single player FPS of all time so metro titles will always be of interest to me. From what I have seen so for it seems to be taking a lot of the things away from the core that I love but will still be checking it out. Not sure how well open world survival style play will gel with the metro formula.

    Psychonauts 2
    Psychonauts is my favourite game of all time so very hyped for the sequel. Going to be going into this one fairly blind.

    Kingdom come deliverance
    Curious if they can pull it off and if they do it will become a must have. As on of the people who 'kickstarted' mount and blade before kickstarter existing I'm interested

    We Happy Few
    I was quite impressed with contrast so was looking at compulsion's next game with interest. Was taken in by this premise from seeing the first trailer. No idea if it will live up to expectations but I live in hope

    Interested but not on the hype train

    Dragon Ball Fighter Z
    Played at PAX, had fun but not really my genre of choice
    Tropico 6
    Still haven't got back to the modern times DLC of tropico 5 so this is a backburner game for me
    Looks like fun, good concept and visuals but just missing something to properly sell me on it

    Keeping an eye on but not likely to get

    Extinction - Giant ogre game
    Kinda like the look of it but think it will be repeatative and not enjoyable after a bit
    Could have been more interested but with monster hunter world launching on PC this has slid down the priority list

      Jurassic World Evolution hasn't been showing me enough to tell if it's going to be a dumpster fire or not. The dino-show-off trailers have been VERY unimpressive graphically, but I'm not sure if that's because they zoomed in too close and ideally you're meant to be seeing everything from a birds-eye view.

      MHW is amazing and you should totally pick it up. I'm having a blast. I foresee another couple solid weeks out of this, distracted only by Metal Gear Survive.

      Man... comparing Vampyr to Bloodlines is a pretty tough call. From everything I've seen of footage/dev diaries, I'd compare it more to Mars: War Logs, Technomancer, Bound by Flame, and Dark.

      I backed the KS for BattleTech, so I'm really looking forward to it. I've resisted the urge to play the backer betas, I want to come into the campaign (the only part I have any interest in) fresh. It really looks like it's going to scratch the Mech2 Mercs fix that I've been chasing for the last couple decades. I doubt Mechwarrior 5: Mercs will do the same, but I'm so very willing to give it a try. It looks great.

      I'm not sure what made psychonauts great is going to be replicated successfully in the sequel. We had this issue with the 'great developers' of the past not being able to replicate their shining successes. Nostalgia might be coming into play.

      There's no brainers in there like Metro, Detroit, RDR etc, but Kingdom Come might be the dark horse success of the year for me. It's seriously indie, foreign, and potentially way too ambitious and unforgiving. It may end up being a PC purchase if only so I can mod/hack the fuck out of it to get through some of the more hardcore design elements.

      Same might be true of We Happy Few. Hearing of the troubled development and seeing other smaller-budget games attempting something similar leaves me wondering if this is something that's going to have legs, with a campaign that actually goes somewhere with its potential... or if it'll end up being something quirky for streamers to mainline for a few months til viewers get bored.

      Extinction's cinematic trailer got me pretty interested, but I have massive reservations. Also, the hero's outfit looks naff.

        I'll likely wait for the PC version of MHW so if you could all stop talking about it for 9 months that would be great

        That is totally an issue with zooming in more than is needed IMO. It is like worrying about what an individual unit looks like in a total war game. Considering the great reviews they got for planet coaster and that this is going to be very similar I have high hopes.

        Vampyr to Bloodlines is an association I have and is going to hurt Vampyr when I actually play it. Less of thinking it is going to be like it, more wishing it was. The association came from the first trailer and marketing before gameplay was released.

        In regards to pyschonauts what you say has merit but doesn't impact my hype train on that at all. I have a box full of psychonauts figures on my work desk that I cycle through but always have at least one on my monitor stand. So was always going to buy the game, no matter what.

        If Kingdom Come Deliverance can hit a bunch of buttons that mount and blade hit then I will be very happy with the purchase. It does have the risk of drowning itself in 'historical accuracy' to the neglect of the game experience.

    Ummm Kingdom Hearts 3 better be on that list at some point this year, or there will be some very upset people in this household! *looks pointedly at Square Enix*

    Witcher 3: GOTY Edition.

    Because I just bought it... and may start in the next couple of weeks.

    Just finished a VERY HARD Horizon Zero Dawn NG+ and wondering if I feel like ULTRA HARD. Kinda do. I never do this stuff, I finish a game and move on... not this time.

    However of the games that will be newly released in 2018, RDR2... oh yes.

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