What Games Do You Miss Playing?

The great thing about games is that they're, for the most part, always accessible. There's nothing stopping me from playing something in the '90s, or loading up an emulator to get a classic going that used to run on my dad's 286.

But sometimes life moves on, and the games and moments we enjoyed get left behind.

For the most part, missing games is more about missing the sense of community that came with them. It's particularly true for MMOs, MUDS, things that revolved around multiplayer. As a recent example, Australia will never have the sense of awe and excitement around StarCraft the way it did when StarCraft 2 came out. That time has passed.

In a similar vein, games and platforms have advanced so far that some concessions are just too difficult to make. Not having checkpoints is a great example. I love the idea of playing the fan-made Wing Commander campaign that was made for Freespace 2 - Darkest Dawn, it's called - but having to replay an entire 45 minute mission because one thing went wrong at the end is literally rage-inducing. And it's difficult to play through without having that on your mind.

So it's impossible to play something like Freespace with that sense of wonderment that I had as a kid. And I miss that.

I also miss the LAN experience: things just aren't the same anymore. Sure, LANs weren't the magical experience some people make them out to be, but I had plenty of great moments. And I miss the games that were played specifically in those environments: FFA servers of Quake 3, late-night bets on Flatout 2, custom Warcraft 3 maps.

I could load any of these up today. But it really, genuinely wouldn't be the same.

What games do you miss playing, and why?


    Birth of the Federation over LAN with an old friend. Good times, good memories and a great Star Trek game!

      I miss the old Star Fleet Battles tabletop game...

    Freelancer, Start playing Friday night finish sunday/Monday morning, 3am runs to the servo smashing Beef Jerky and Mountain Dew, continue until we pass out then get up shower and do it all over again.

    Or going to video 2000 Friday after school, hiring a PlayStation and Metal gear solid for overnight knowing i only had a mere 24 hours to finish it and then smashing through it with a mate.

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    Partially related, but Unreal Tournament 99/2004 had a huge community of maps, models, skins, mutators and whatnot. I spent a lot of time browsing what was on offer and it was great.
    UT3 was not the sequel the people wanted and I guess along with how advanced the graphics were (raising the skill cap for custom content) the community kind of died.

    A lot of those websites are gone now, like tears in rain (sorry). I miss that.

      Yeah, UT2K4 was the first online shooter for a lot of people, for the reasons you list. The community was incredible, but it helped that the game made it so easy to get into as well.

      Was a shame the followup UT games weren't able to build on that.

      Ahh, GameSpy... Rember when there was an entire website network around finding patches for games like UT/Quake, and finding servers?

    Industry Giant 2, Quake 2 Rocket Arena and Europa 1400 (aka The Guild) LAN games were the best. Miss them dearly!

    I really miss Rocket Jockey. I loved that game. I would love a remake. It's practically unrunnable on modern machines, and it had a multiplayer.

    Just look at this physics based nonsense:


      Fuckyeah! I used to play that with my brothers as kids. The screams of the jockeys were hilarious, not to mention the deviously underhanded things you could do with those cables.

      I was trying to explain Rocket Jockey to my GF just a few months ago and loaded up a tonne of videos. Thank the Gods for people posting this kind of historical shit to YouTube.

      (I then went on a massive jag of looking up old shit like Castles 1 and 2, and War Wind, etc.)

        Oh man, I loved Warwind!

        So happy I am not the only one nostalgic for Rocket Jockey. Honestly it needs to come back, but the rights are in limbo apparently.

        You're a man of impeccable taste.

    I miss playing Destiny 1 with my clan. Destiny 2 just burned everyone out, a few people are playing fortnite but everyone else is playing different games or barely touching games. Had Bungie just made D2 an expansion without breaking the structure of the games, it would have been awesome, because we'd still allbe playing together

      Same... Our group rebounded off D2 onto (initially) PUBG then tried to get into The Division, bounced off that and now seeing how many people enjoy MHW. Might be able to get everyone back together to try DLC2, as I'm pretty sure we've all got (and all to some extent regret getting) the season pass, by which point I really hope Bungie have got their shit together, but if that doesn't happen, or if we bounce off it again for whatever reason... :(

        Yeah. It's not even like we're casually dropping in there anymore for a bit of PvP silliness. I'm hoping the 2v2 is a giggle, a 4 person party could have some good natured fun.

        One of my biggest issues is the strikes. They just don't have any real context apart from the zappy electric guy (hah, I can remember all the D1 names, I just DGAS about the D2 ones...).

        I'll pop back in for DLC2 and probably enjoy the single player campaign and then put Destiny away for good, unless there's enough to tempt us back in future.

        I think that PC is the other issue. It's split the community too much, spread people too thin.

    Was thinking about this the other day, i miss Wing Comannder, i remeber playing WC3 (the FMV with Mark Hamil) then going back and playing WC 1 and 2, then the playing the avearge 4 ... i enjoyed that.

    I miss Flatout 1 and 2, they were amazing LAN games. The Unreal Tournament games kept me going for hours and that was against Bots, another multiplayer FPS game that kept me going with bots was Battlefield 1942. Lastly, (well there are heaps of other games from the 90's) I miss the Settlers. My brother and I used to play for hours split-screen on a 14" monitor. So addictive. I could easily get that going again and watch the hours disappear.

    ...then there's Transport Tycoon, X-wing and Tie Fighter blah blah blah

    Anything Pre-2004/5 when LAN gaming was in its prime, before modern gaming services like steam made local play a nightmare, any game was 200% better with LAN play

    Everquest for me. It was the first MMO that really felt immersive, with its 3D world such a game changer that you couldn't help but be amazed. Today, what made it so amazing is a dime a dozen, but in 1999 the challenge and enjoyment was something special.

    I spent 7 years in that game before it became a chore, but in that 7 years I created some of my best gaming memories. Definitely miss that era, it was unique at the time.

    Total Annihilation, Bad Company 2 and COD: UO.

    I've struggled for many hours trying to get Mechwarrior 3 working on my new machine - that was arguably one of the nicest interfaces for playing the game. I Miss that game.

    You're right about lans, firing up call of duty 4 was always a blast in a room of other like-minded people who would good naturedly curse your name as you dropped yet another grenade on death to take them with you.

    Mechwarrior 2, back in the Activision days before Microsoft. I still remember the computer voice announcing the climate of the planet. Was great.

    Rainbow Six games prior to VEGAS, when you actually controlled a full squad and could jump into the bodies of your team. Ding Chavez was op. It also reminds me of the SWAT games from Sierra.

      "Power-up detected."

        'Bitching Betty'... she's been a staple of the game since. Including the new one coming out this year.

        "Reactor: Online. Weapons: Online. Sensors: Online. All systems: Nominal."

      MW2, oh yes! I remember seeing the intro animation for the first time, totally blew me away.

        How far we have come. When i watch it now it is just meh, but back in 1996 I watched that intro every time i started the game up. It was absolute mind boggling. Also the Clan wars were alive and well in Battletech fictional literature(before the atrocious dark ages) so it made it even all the more sweeter seeing that madcat trundle down the ravine against the summoner in cockpit mode. I was all like "IT LOOKS REAL!". Jade Falcon for life.

          I totally agree...(Also about the Jade Falcon part) I also remember when I first played Rebel Assault and thought it was just like playing a movie haha Especially playing it on such an advanced tech as a 2x CD-Rom.

            The death star trench run... I made rookie one, run that thing a thousand times.

    Solomon's Key
    Death Track
    Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego
    Shipwreck Island (Microbee)
    Rainbow Islands (Amiga)

    The games I miss playing are typically far too numerous to mention so I'll just go with online games ...
    My two first online shooters - Unreal 1 (specifically the Serpentine and Infiltration mods) and CnC Renegade.

    Auto Assault, Tabula Rasa, City of Heroes, Matrix Online, Warhammer Online.

    There's no way to play those. They're dead. Dead forever. Lost to time. Lost to greed and/or convenience.

    One big fuck you to the artists and programmers who worked so hard on them, fuck you to anyone who paid to play them, fuck you to anyone who wanted to try and preserve them or restore them.

      Games as a service.

      How many games today will be playable in ten years? Twenty? Fuck your nostalgia, sales tails are better when gamers are pressured into social gaming in conveniently un-piratable online-only systems.

        I hear ya. Same with digital distribution.

        Will I still be able to download and install something I purchase digitally today in 10yrs? Or will it be moved to some vault where I may have to pay again to access it?

        At least I can use an old retro box for the CD roms for my old TSR RPGs (loved those Forgotton Realms ones).

          Yeah was so happy to find out that those TSR games were on GOG. Snapped them up and have not regretted it at all.

        The City of Heroes loss is still too raw. Nothing has come close to the feeling of that game for me.

      HOW GOOD was Tabula Rasa, i still have my collectors edition in a box.
      So many amazing ideas in one game but cut short by stupid publisher decisions.

        Such an underappreciated game when really its main flaw was merely that the mobs never changed in looks. Mix them up more, and the amazing ideas would have masked the rest.

        Always loved the dynamic battles, and the idea behind the logos. Such a pity NC Soft handled it the way they did.

      Only one of those I didn't play was Auto Assault. Of the rest, there was something to enjoy in all of them, which made it a shame they were killed off. Most of them had flaws, but they weren't unsolvable ones.

    Jedi Outcast. Lightsaber battles were so great.

    But do we miss the games, or do we miss who we were, when we played them?

    Nostalgia is an amazing feeling but you can't go back.

    Original Halo, 16-player system link with multiple TVs spread across the house.

    Anything by Interplay, Microprose TSR/SSI and 90s Lucasarts.

    Loved those original RPGs. Have to say Curse of the Azure Bonds was a favourite.

    Mechwarrior 3 has been mentuoned. Same with the X-wing/Tie Fighter games.

    The original 2 fallout games need rereleasing on mobile or something. Same with Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines.

    More recently I'd say Battlefield Vietnam. Wasn't as popular as BF42 or BF2 - but I just loved flying those choppers.

      I second Battlefield Vietnam, hands down my favourite multiplayer game of all time. If EA rebuilt BFV on the BF4 engine my faith in the gaming industry, and by extension humanity itself, would be greatly restored. :p

      I remember getting the gang together to spend a weekend tearing around large maps in vehicles blaring out our own tunes which the rest of the server could hear, a feature I've sorely missed in every game since (the load times were a bit blown out as everyone's game dl'd everyone elses music, small price to pay).
      I've a friend who to this day, upon hearing the For An Angel by Paul Van Dyk, has to repress an instinct to bolt as he subconsciously expects me to coming screaming over the treetops upside down in an F-4 leaving napalm and maniacal laughter in my wake. Good times. Plus the war itself has always horrified and fascinated me the same way great white sharks and nuclear weapons do.

      Mechwarrior and MW Mercenaries comes a close second, jump jets and no legs for the ultimate surprise victory.

      Single player my favourite of all time is still Mafia The City of Lost Heaven followed closely by the Vietcong and Hidden & Dangerous games. Haven't seen anything that close to perfection before or since. RIP Pterodon Games and Illusion Softworks, you are missed!

      Bloody hell I'm getting old.

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        The menu music to Vietcong is famtastic. I have used it as an 'when at work' ringtone for ages. Enjoyed both it's campaign and MP immensely. Dropping airstrikes mid match. Good times only second to some of the BF42 memories (eg wingwalking a b17 or Ju88 as a squad).

        MW Mercenaries - seems my memory had included it with my MW4 recollections. Yet it was Mercenaries I actually played more of.

        I am totally with you on the BFV music aspect. Best feature ever. I made my own mix of the stock tunes (still think The Box Tops' The Letter is the best on there when fanging about in the huey).

    Monday Night Combat - great game play / humor in the game, great group of people i used to play with. Still have them all on steam but we haven't got back together much.


    Unreal Tournament 2003, the vehicle and base capture gameplay was the best ever

    Killzone 2. My first journey into online multiplayer shooters (apart from LAN counterstrike)

    Splatoon 1 :P

    I also miss what was peak Minecraft for me. Had a great group of friends at the time and our various playstyles and personalities gelled together really well for the things we got up to on there. After that update that added hunger (1.8?) it just wasn't as fun any more, and the thing kinda died off.

    Descent over kali :p at least until cheaters worked out how to have quad mega missiles as lasers

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