What Moments In Games Made You Rage Quit?

We've all been there - that instance where you hit a boss, a trap or just a moment in a game that makes you instantly reach for the power button.

Dark Souls 3 is a great example of this. There's plenty of shit in that game that, the first time you play, immediately makes you go NOPE NOPE NOPE.

Like ... this.

Christ there is so much wrong with that.

But video games have plenty of moments worthy of an immediate ALT+F4.

One that I remember is this arsehole from The Evil Within:

I'm talking about Ruvik, the broken fellow who you square off against a few times over the course of the game. I remember one instance where, having fled from the white hooded creeper, I walked into a room. Nothing appeared in the room. Good stuff.


I took a break from The Evil Within after that. For several hours. I do not do well with horror, or horror games. I still don't know how I eventually finished the story.

But there are plenty of other games where bad endings, game breaking bugs, or just bizarre consequences result in people tossing the controller or bombing back to desktop. What moments have made you flip the table?


    I can't remember the last time I rage-quitted. I think it was during a terrible round of BF1.

    I rage while playing, I was raging at Shovel Knight & when I was fighting Lynel in BotW, but it's never enough for me to quit than and there. I complete the task, save and turn off.

    It took me roughly 4hrs of fighting Lawrence in Bloodborne's DLC straight, raging the whole time but never quitting.

    It takes a lot to convince me to give up on a game completely, but The Surge managed it with one of the late game bosses.

    I was actually really enjoying the game until I came face to face with a boss who was quite enjoyable and challenging in his own right, but halfway through the battle would turn invulnerable and summon a more powerful version of an earlier boss.

    To make it even more fun he could actually do this multiple times during the fight.

    I really felt the game was just wasting/disrespecting my time at that point and I haven't managed to find the desire to pick it up again since.

    Borderlands 2 - Crashing several times in chapter 25 causing me to have to repeat long sections of the mission. Never finished it.
    Resident Evil 6 - As above
    PUBG - Pretty much any time I die for doing something dumb (or to a cheater)

    The 1st ever tomb raider on ps1 had a corridor right near the end of the game full of insta-kill lava flows. I died so many times and the rage got so real an elderly neighbour bashed on our door while brandishing a club-lock, ready to defend my poor abused girlfriend named "Lara". Poor guy. After hastily explaining that Lara was a videogame character and my actual girlfriend was sitting there amused by my constant fails he was so embarrassed. I told him that his chivalrous behavior was nothing to be embarrassed about and was honoured that he would risk his own safety to make sure my girl was ok. I made a conscious effort not to rage at games that intensely after that.

      That's awesome. And your neighbour was awesome.

      That is actually amazing and also the sweetest thing.

        Thank you so much, Alex. That really means a lot to me considering you (and a whole bunch of you poor buggers) have had to endure some of my far less charming (and far more dickish, heartless and obnoxious) comments in my "waiting for my crazy pills to kick in" moments. I'm slowly learning not to interact with social media ( or just groups of people in general) without meds or at least caffeine 1st. It's only taken about 40 years to nut that concept out. Me is a kwick thunker!

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      I never thought I'd see a nice story about domestic abuse, but here we are, in 2018, showing me it can happen.

      Massive props to your neighbour first and foremost, but also to yourself for clarifying and encouraging what he probably thought was a massively embarrassing error on his part.

        Aww thanks guys. All of you. Yeah it was tense, convincing him to put down the lock, getting my girl to come to the door to prove she was ok and then inviting him in to show him the game (currently paused). He 1st thought I was gonna ambush him or something, then scoffed when I picked up the controller, then he burst into tears at his (I quote) "stupid rude behaviour". My girl hugged him and told him it was an honour to be cared about by a guy we barely knew, who was sticking up for what's right. We became friends that day until he sadly passed 3 months later. 100% fkn legend. I'm seriously trying not to cry on the train as I write this. It was such a strange n wonderful event.

          We need more people like him in the world, not less.

      Reminds me of a certain scene from Spaced...

        Really? I've only seen a couple of eps of Spaced n I loved it. What's the scene? Or the episode name so I can check it out, plz.

    Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness.
    After struggling through hours of shonky gameplay, the boxing ring scene exited with a panning orbit view of the ring - and didn't stop panning...

    Ryse: Son of Rome on PC. I've started it twice and rage-quit both times. I have no problem with them using a variation of the Arkham fight system, lots of good games have (Shadow of Mordor, Mad Max, Sleeping Dogs, Hand of Fate etc). But why did they have to make the parry button A instead of Y, like every other game?

    I can deal with it until multiple enemies turn up, then I instinctively hit Y every time, and consequently get axed in the face every time. Maybe one day I'll try and find a program that can remap buttons on my controller and give it another shot. Until then I don't need the grief it causes me.

    [Checks to make sure the exits are clear]

    Xenoblade Chronicles X.

    While having a lot of promise, it just felt like a hot mess after a while.


    I rage quit DOTA2 after a friend-of-a-friend had a go at me for trying to play a private match one-handed while holding a baby in the other. Then I looked at the Steam play time and realised that I'd wasted more than 200 hours on a game that I'd never actually enjoyed, so I joyfully deleted it from my PC.

    I stopped playing the original "Darksiders" after discovering that my saved game had been corrupted. Reviewing the release notes after the fact I discovered that it was a known bug that hadn't been fixed. Basically if you quit at one exact point in the game your save file was FUBAR.

    Metroid Prime - Omega Pirate is a [email protected]%t
    Overwatch - I'll nearly always bail on a match, or game if I'm consistently matched against 6 stacks.

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      Metroid prime 3, the pirate leader in the late game. Just couldn't beat him after many attempts.

    The last level of Natural Doctrine. Anyone who has played this will know what I'm talking about. I was enjoying it for the most part.

    Dark Souls 3 Ringed City dlc. As a souls fan who likes to do it solo and keep his soul level quite low for more of a challenge, fighting the first boss and seeing it's a one on two fight with a second stage just broke me. "Oh, I'll guess I'll have to grind" I thought, and then decided I couldn't be bothered. I'll return one day. It's just hard to get into that mood after so long away from the game.

    I don't normally rage-quit games (I spent 6 hours straight trying to beat Sif in DS1, which drained me to the point I got to the next boss and just stopped - no rage, just stopped enjoying it), but one boss in Hollow Knight, Nosk, just got to me. Will probably go back and try to finish the game at some point, considering Nosk's optional.

    Not sure if it counts as rage quitting but every time I get to Magaki from KOFXI I turn the game off. Cheapest boss ever!

    Also, after completing Ninja Gaiden 2 on normal I decided to replay it on one of the harder difficulty settings. After being killed by one too many unblockable off-screen explosive Kunai I ejected the disc and vowed never to play it again... and I never have.

    Dark Souls, my umpteenth attempt at Ornstein and Smough and about the tenth time in a row where I had gone human at the bonfire so I could summon Solaire to help, only to be invaded and murdered by a player that was so far beyond me that I had no chance of beating them.

    Quit, uninstalled, never touched it again. Fuck that game.

    The Force Unleashed. When you have to pull down the star destroyer. Tried for over an hour. Multiple times. Would make progress then it would just stall. From memory, the controls were just broken. Turns out it was a bug, but I never touched that game again, and ignored the sequel.

      Mmmm I never had any problems with this? Maybe I got lucky

    I rage quite lords of the fallen. These were the bosses that did me in
    The worshipper
    The champion
    And the final guy.

      That game had some bad enemy scaling. I ended up levelling up a whole bunch to beat the last boss.
      I somehow triggered a bug that activated one of the special abilities all the time so standard enemies were super easy.

        Maybe it did have bad enemy scaling. But I realised after a looot of tries (36 to be exact) that the worshipper can be finished off pretty easily by ignoring his spawns, putting on lighter armor etc.
        For the final boss, I went in again amd crafted a fire resistant armor and I beat him on the second try after that. I think the game had glitched out twice when I came close to finishing him off.

    Seymour from FFX back when i was a kid. There's a fight where he has an Insta kill ability. I didn't understand the mechanics too well at the time and couldn't overcome this fight.

    I rage quit Shovel Knight on the Wii U when I got stuck at some point where I kept falling and dieing. Went to the eshop and 1 starred it. Eventually went back to it on the Switch and beat it.

    Another one I rage quit was Dragonball Fighterz. Did the tutorials, done about 6 characters combo training stages and then I versed people online. Every time I "blocked" it failed, every teleport just knocked them to the other side of the stage and gave them momentary invincibilty while they got up, and whenever I wanted to change character the characters would change out. I could only ever get half a combo off before they magically blocked it and comboed me to a triple super attack. I'm not that good at fighting games in general and I should probably just go back, practice and try and get good, but to me DBFZ's broke af and can just die.

    Ebrietas in Bloodborne is the only recent boss I can remember legitimately raging at. I wouldn't say I quit out of rage but it was getting very late and I was fresh out of blood vials (I honestly went through over 200 of the things trying to kill the damned thing) so I decided that it would be a good idea to leave it for the night.

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      I came pretty close to quitting on Ebrietas. Beat her on like the 20-somethingth attempt and swore so loud when I did I woke up my wife in the other room. FUCK that thing.

        Yeah, I gave up on her at that point and just went back to beat her at the endgame when I was supposedly over-levelled. :p Jumping online and seeing everybody else raging about that particular fight made me feel a little better.

      Didn't find her too bad.

      I had real trouble with the headless blood-letting beast, the amygdala, Lady Maria and the Orphan of Kos.

      Oh, and Laurence.

    Probably Evil Within.

    Not because it was hard, but because the controls were janky, the camera was janky, the FOV was single figures, it had stupid black bars to make the screen EVEN SMALLER, the acting was bad, basic mechanics and controls weren't explained, nothing made sense, and the first room was an instakill enemy that the game didn't bother telling you what you had to do with. It was so stupidly over the top from the beginning that it managed to turn a city exploding into ghosts so hard that you wake up in a dream hospital with a creepy firekeeper nurse boring.

      I did not finish that game. However, I did find that first room with the instakill boss very fun. And was sad that the rest of the game didn't hold up to the expectations set by that first room. And yeah, nothing made sense. So I quit. I agree with you about the camera, fov, the damn black bars, and everything else. It's ehy I am not keen on the sequel eveb thougg the reviews are great.

        It's probably for twenty best. Half way through the game, about chapter 7 they ramp up the difficulty. I stopped enjoying the game then. I kept playing but I nearly rage quit on the level 10 boss. You had to kill it in a very specific way and if you didn't, it could instakill you.

    The Courtroom sequence in Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Just insane. Half health. No armour. No weapons. And an endless stream of enemies. Got halfway through the point, and it checkpointed at a moment where I had virtually no hope of surviving. Rage quit a few times. Left it for a week and came back, finally able to get through it. That game is full of heaps of moments of brutal, rage quit sections.

    I often quit when shit gets too real. David just impaled Ellie with a machete in TLOU. Had to turn it off. Tense.

    Other than that, getting the Lisenses in the first GT. I’m... shit at racers.

    Uncharted 1 - decided it was time for me to try out the series a couple of years ago and housemate had it on PS4.
    Played a few hours, then got to some stupid sewer fight and kept dying. Took me an hour to beat that one encounter, and the moment I did I turned it off and never played it again.

    A few years prior I got a similar thing in The Last Of Us with some stupid stealth section I kept dying at. Had played about 4 hours at that point and only enjoyed the cutscenes, so I stopped playing and watched an LP of the rest of the game instead. Much more enjoyable.

    Half Life 1:
    Again, playing after it was quite old, got stuck at some sewer level, really wasn't enjoying it, just stopped and never went back.

      Man, I am playong The Last of Us now for the first time and I have to agree that it isn't very fun to play.

    Race to the shuttles archwing mission in Warframe.

    With those *;'$#$:$';;##@@@ slow down mines and getting to the end and missing by like two seconds....

    Swearing. There was rather a lot of it.

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