What Movies Are So Bad That They're Good?

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We all have those movies, ones that are so bad that they become somehow enjoyable.

There's always that calibre of film that transcends the normal barrier of awful. They're the ones with editing so horrific, camera angles so bizarre and acting so off point that they actually become a work of art on their own.

Or at the very least, a hilarious few hours with friends and drinks.

Battlefield Earth is one such movie. It's singularly terrible, one of the worst films ever created in the modern age. But it's also a great illustration of the bits and pieces required to make film great - because BE has none of them, and by seeing what happens when you rip all of those crucial mechanisms out, you walk away having learned something.

I asked others around the office what films they loved because they were bad, and they replied:

  • Waterworld: Tegan's pick. An out-and-out flop at the box office, Waterworld featured a string of awful characters chasing after a kid who might have a map to dry land. That said, I remember the action sequences being OK.
  • Twilight: Hayley apparently saw all of the Twilight movies in the cinema. I won't lie: I did pay to see the first one. I refused to make that same mistake for the sequel, or anything thereafter. That's what RiffTrax are for.

What movies are so bad that they're good, in your books?


    Basically anything by Jean Claude Van Damme or Steven Seagal

      Oh man that was so my childhood / teenage years.


      I liked Sucker Punch. It was all kinds of crazy.

        As did I. I genuinely enjoyed it a lot. Actually you're right, it doesn't deserve to be suggested. It's really just a movie I love that isn't exactly critically acclaimed.

        Last edited 27/02/18 12:44 pm

          I actually think Sucker Punch is one of the most underrated movies going.
          It takes some effort to appreciate but I actually loved it.

        I did like the movie. Not /love/ it, but I thought it looked great and had some bold ideas.


      +1 for Commando. So many awesome one liners, Arnie at this best.

      He couldn't even keep a straight face for half the movie.

      The magic yellow Porsche is my favourite part.

      NO DENTS!
      CRASH - DENTS!
      NO DENTS!!!

      Wtf? :)

        or his unlimited ammo hacks with the M60

          Final bad guy line
          "I'm not going to shoot you between the eyes, I'm gonna shoot you between the balls!"

    Watch Out We're Mad, The Sheriff and the Spacekid, Q the Winged Serpent.... So many more... :0

    Also, not a movie, (2 season tv series) but Double the Fist! \m/

    Lady in the Water.

    And all the Star Wars prequels. Someone had to go there.

    - Over the top
    - No retreat, no surrender
    - RAD
    - Steel

    "Gwai ma kwong seung kuk" - starring Cecilia Cheung as Harmy Bobo.


    My favourite role is 'Cousin Bug', a protective, bad-CG, green dinosaur who shits pink icecream.

    Also starring the lovely 'twins' Charlene Choi and Gillian Chung, as well as one of my personal favourite boys, Jordan Chan (Chan Siu-Chun).

    It's a film which is all over the place, yet the cast and the character relationships manage to pull the film through, at least to being 'charmingly awful'.

    Finally, this film has an audience score of 7% on Rotten Tomatoes!

    There are only two possible answers to this question:
    1. Killer Klowns from Outer Space
    2. The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension!

    Came in based off that header image, ready to complain that Battlefield Earth is so bad that it goes through the bottom, flips back to good, then keeps going until it hits the bottom of the barrel *again*. It's utterly awful. And that's leaving out the Scientology connection.

      The book its (so very loosely) based on is one of my favorites, so I was one of those 2 people that saw it on day 1. Other being my flatmate...

      Was so incredibly disappointed in how it turned out, but was stubborn enough to keep watching it, and eventually its worn me down. Still a crap movie, but I can see parts of the original book (at least the first half) if I squint enough.

      Unfortunately, I cant unwind the Scientology connection from it. Its the main reason Travolta and friends a) made it, and b) had control of the IP in the first place. Which makes it their fault.

        On the upside, it sank Travolta's credibility and what was left of his film career.

    Mortal Kombat

      Mortal Kombat actually isn't a bad movie. In terms of video-game-to-movie adaptions, it's still considered one of the best ones (that's not a high bar to be jumping over, granted).

      I think the Doom movie would probably be more appropriate for this category.

        Nah... he's right.. Terrible acting, weak story, cheap campy wardrobe, fucking horrid special fx. But as shit as it all was, that's also the reason why it was good. If they had gone for big budget AAA special effects etc., they would have no doubt taken it too far, and made it feel out of sync with the movie.
        Totally on the opposite end of the spectrum however, was Mortal Kombat Legacy. Top notch actors, top notch effects, costumes, and writing. No way it would have been anywhere near as good if everything in Legacy was used with the plot of the movie. It needed to be deeper and less campy to make it feel in sync with everything else!

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