What's The One Game You Always Return To?

I've spent a lot more time catching up on TV of late, not so much because I wanted to but because that's where the aircon is. And not wanting to stop gaming, I've been passively playing something in the background.

That game, surprisingly, ended up being Cricket 97 Ashes Tour. I remember getting this game for Christmas as a kid - and that godawful interview Richie Beneaud did with Kerri-Anne Kennerley on breakfast TV promoting it - and just playing the tri-team tournament over and over and over again.

After getting to grips with the controls (it's so much easier with a numpad, honestly), I've been working my way through test matches on the couch. It's just a nice hit of nostalgia that I can pick up and play. It's gaming comfort food, basically.

What's your equivalent of gaming comfort food? What's the one game that, when you're feeling down or don't know what to play or just in that mood, you can always return to?


    Hatsune Miku Future Tone. It's easy to pick up and play and really you're just rockin' out with a controller.

      Ooooh, yep. I'd agree with that as far as home console games go. On the go, I usually go back to Hatsune Miku Project Diva f 2nd because it had better songs and DLC than f and let's not mention X (though it did try, poor thing).

    [Checks to make sure the exits are clear]

    I still play the Virtual Safari "games" on the Lion King DVDs.

    [Runs for life]

      I have absolutely no idea why, but that made me laugh.

        [Skids to a halt next to Grunt]

        It's a very guilty pleasure, :3

        [Resumes exit at Ludicrous Speed]

    Max Payne 2 - Great story, even greater gameplay.

    Sleeping dogs

    Overwatch (its been around long enough hasn't it)

    Sim Golf

      MP2 is mine, too. I definitely fire it up a few times a year, probably do a full playthrough every couple. Love that game.

        Especially once you get the AK or the dual Berettas

        Nightmare crying baby levels are abit annoying though aye.

          Moreso now that I have my own real-life babies.

    I rarely replay games, but I do occasionally go back to a shooter every few months, like a Battlefield or a Battlefront.

    When I have no idea though; Binding of Isaac gets the job done.

    And sometimes I'm really in the mood for Wipeout HD. Specifically, I really love Zone mode. Zone mode is where the vehicle just keeps accelerating, and you keep going until you go so fast beyond destroyed is inevitable.

    Dark Souls. I’ve beaten it at least once a year since 2012, and still find fun new things to try and do in that game. Been tempted to get into speedrunning lately.

    And Dota 2. But that’s garbage and no one should play that. Keen to play some tonight when I get home though.

    THPS2. Getting 100% in each level in sequence until my thumbs are destroyed.

    WOW for me, no matter how much I tell myself I am done, something always sparks interest for me. Honestly it really is a well made MMO.

    I play through the original quake about once a year. Still my all time favourite game.

    Skyrim is my always on go to. Perfect for dropping into in between newer releases.

    Pokemon Gold always as I am busy too sit at home.

    Max Payne 2, as mentioned above.

    I also pretty much always have ScummVM and the classic Lucas adventures on every new device. I don't play through beginning to end very often these days, but I'll still fire up Sam & Max or DOTT occasioanlly and pick up wherever I left off.

    Metal Slug. It's always Metal Slug.
    I own it own so many systems now that I can't even remember how many copies I have actually bought.
    Just did it all over again on the switch.
    I'll never learn.

    Friggen WoW or Diablo 3. It's a vicious cycle, "Hmm...should re-install WoW or Diablo 3", Play it for about two or three months, novelty wears off, get bored....uninstall.....Two or three months later ..."hmm...should re-install WoW or Diablo 3".

    Don't judge me man, I can quit when I want....

    The Last of Us - 3rd go at the present.

    Other than that sports games like NHL or driving games like Gran Turismo.

    Super International Cricket - Just so easy to pick up and play

    Fallout4, I haven't finished yet, still roaming around building settlements. It's my game to play when I want to play something but don't know what.

    Transport Tycoon (original TT, TT Deluxe, or OpenTTD, take your pick), Rollercoaster Tycoon (1, 2, or 3), and any of the Civilization games.

      Double yes for TT (or open TTDX). The only game I've never uninstalled

        Yeah, theres just something cathartic about the game that makes me keep going back to it.

    TLOU. Must’ve finished it six times. Doing a collectible run through on my seventh. Still fucks me up.

    Just landed in the dorm filled with infected at the University. Even with a flamethrower... it still puts me on edge.

    Amazing game :)

    Path Of Exile, so easy to lose a couple of hours

    I replay many classic games each year. From many Sierra games (Leisure Suit Larry to Police Quest), DooM 1 & 2, GTA Vice City, Batman Arkham Asylum - Arkham City.

    I must be close to my 100th run through Bioshock.Lost count around 75 a few years back.It’s the only game I always feel like playing.

    For me it would be Super Metroid, Bioshock & most of the Dreamcast fighting games like mvsc2,cvssnk 1 & 2 and street fighter 3.

    Rocket League is my "too tired to function" game or my "warm-up" game if I'm feeling a bit rusty. Played well over 3500 matches... Wish the game play-time function was implemented at release!

    for me it's LOZ a link to the past, super mario world or jagged alliance 2

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