When Cuphead Meets Retro Horror

All images: Ocular Art Studio

The artstyle of Cuphead is amazing, but why limit the artstyle to cartoon characters?

Melbourne artist and illustrator Matthew Hutchinson runs Ocular Art Studio and he's a fan of Cuphead. He's also a fan of horror movies and horror iconography, and so he decided to combine the two.

This story originally appeared in February 2018.

All images: Ocular Art Studio

The reception to the art has been strong enough that Hutchinson has began producing prints through his Etsy store for $50 a pop. So far you can get Chucky, Pale Man< Valak, Predator, Sadako, Freddy Kreuger, The Thing, Pinhead, Leatherface, Pennywise, and more. There's framed and unframed options; the former will set you back around $80, with another $8 shipping within Australia.

All images: Ocular Art Studio

You can view more of Hutchinson's work over on Imgur, through the Ocular Art Studio Instagram, or his Etsy store. What other games and franchises would you like to see get the Cuphead treatment?

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    That would make for an awesome DLC pack for Cuphead.

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