When Quake Champions Meets Doom

It's not official, of course, but this mashup of Quake Champions inside Doom is very wholesome. Unless you're a demon.

Quake Champions: Doom Edition isn't a reskin of id's latest shooter, but a remake of the original Doom with the weapons, champions and tweaks of modern shooters. It's compatible with Doom on mobiles (through D-Touch) and works with GZdoom and Zandronum.

The mod works in co-op and multiplayer as well, and the video below outlines what you can do if you want to mess around with bots in multiplayer. It's a good look at what the mod is capable of, though.

The creators recommend users get the Mechanix Union's AeonDM mapset, which has 33 separate maps. If you just want to muck around with singleplayer though, simply head over to ModDB and grab the QC:DE files.


    you mean doom and qauke arnt the same thing as each other now? WHAT?

    oh this game combines, what was already the same thing? must of been hard....

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