When The Puppy Bowl Meets Overwatch

Image: Twitter / London Spitfire

The Puppy Bowl is an annual tradition where the stop-start action of American football is livened up substantially by using small dogs instead of people. So, naturally, Blizzard decided to do the same thing. With Overwatch.

Being broadcast through the developer's official Facbeook page, Puppy Rumble is basically a promotional shtick for Overwatch's Year of the Dog. The stream is also promoting real-life shelters as well, like Wags and Walks in Los Angeles.

There's flags and little bones for the dogs to push the payload forward, but it's about as chaotic as you'd expect. The fun part is that Blizzard are providing semi-serious commentary around the whole thing, up until the point where a good doggo decides to leave it all on the field.

You can watch the event live below.



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