Why Are You Doing This Hasbro

One of the latest Hasbro products targeted at families trying to get some small measure of peace from their little ones, Don't Step In It is a game that, quite literally, involves not stepping on shit. Play-Doh shit, to be precise.

Hasbro showed off the new board game at the Hasbro Toy Fair, with the box proclaiming the game as "blindfolded, poop-dodging fun":

The only time "poop-dodging" and "fun" belong in the same sentence is when your friend drunkenly trips over a cowpat and face-first into another cowpat. But those moments are far and few between, and not something you want to replicate in your house. Or with children.

If you buy this for your children, do not be surprised when they eventually tell you that they don't love you. There are much better ways to entertain your spawn, as we've written about in the past.

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Also, everything about this game can be neatly explained by the following screenshot from Hasbro's teaser:

As Mark often liked to say, don't have kids.

Thanks to Haoran for the tip!


    As somebody who doesn't have kids, this is exactly the kind of thing that I like buying for my nieces and nephews in order to piss off my siblings. This or loud musical instruments :)

      I hope you aren't planning on having kids in the future, because we remember. Oh yes, how we remember.

        If I was planning on having kids of my own then I would think much more carefully before giving such gifts. But I'm not, so I don't :)

          In that case have you seen the recorder and frozen song book pack ;)

            Seen it? Yes. Heard it, no - I just order this stuff online and ship it directly to my sister since she lives interstate :P But my she tells me it's "wonderful", although I got the impression that she was saying that through gritted teeth :D

    Such a wasted opportunity to not get this into The Emoji Movie. Well there is always the sequel ;)

    The only thing that separates us from the Chimpanzees is we're not throwing it around.

    My wife is going to love this!!!!
    Purchasing for her Birthday now.

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