Witcher Birthday Cake Features Hot Tub, D*ck

For @Klutar's birthday, his partner made him this Witcher 3 cake. It is a wet, naked, hairy work of art.

I've seen Collector's Edition statues with less detail than this, so this is really something.

And yes, before you ask, yes, it got eaten.

Even (especially?) that bit.


    Why is the word dick censored in an article that shows a cake dick?

      Because the title is viewable from the front page, the cake dick isn't. Which is fair enough, you can't just go round throwing cake dick in people's faces.

        Thanks Crotchdot!

        I am a child.

    oh shit. i thought the headline was "Witcher Birthday Cake Features Hot Tub, Duck"

    and now i've seen a praline penis & i am traumatised for life.

    So did the birthday boy eat d#$k?!

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