You Can Get Free Return Flights To Japan, Again

Kotaku has plenty of love for Japanese culture. So if you'd like to see what it's like first hand, and maybe check out the Robot Restaurant for yourself, good news.

As they do every year or so, Jetstar is offering free return airfares to Japan until 1159 AEDT next Tuesday.

If you're flying out of Brisbane, prices start from just over $419 not including extra baggage or amenities. Those flying out of Sydney, Melbourne or Adelaide can expect to pay closer to $500, and once checked baggage is added both ways you can add another $50-60 each way on top. The best deals are for those flying out of the Gold Coast or Cairns, as they fly direct.

If you're flying from any of the other major cities, however, you'll have to fly via Cairns. Here's the rough times you'll be able to fly, from each major Australian city. There's no flights out of Hobart, Perth, Canberra or Darwin at the time of writing.

Sydney: Flights available from May 3 - June 27 (Narita), June 10 - June 27 (Osaka), August 27 - September 12 (Narita, Osaka)
Melbourne: Flights available from August 27 - September 12 (Narita, Osaka), August 27 - September 19 (Narita)
Adelaide: Flights available from May 4 - June 2 (Osaka), June 10 - June 27 (Osaka), August 27 - September 12 (Osaka)
Brisbane: Flights available from August 27 - 12 September (Narita, Osaka)

Note that the free return fare is "only available from the same arrival and departure ports", so you'll have to plan accordingly. You'll need to be a bit flexible to get the free return flights, but at the time of writing I was able to find a free return airfare out of Melbourne for just under $430.

That total came to around $545 with a 20kg checked allowance ($61 ea.) on each return flight, but under $550 is still a few hundred dollars cheaper than what I could find on Qantas or Virgin at the time.

For more details on what's available, head to the Jetstar website.


    Don't go to the Robot restaurant, it's crap and there's one in Sydney anyway. Go to Kagaya.

      Oh, and for reference, the flight out of Cairns to Narita with Jetstar actually originates in Melbourne, so if you take it from Melbourne you're on the same plane the entire way, clear customs in Melbourne and make a short stopover in Cairns. I think the one from Gold Coast to Osaka similarly originates in Sydney but don't quote me on that.

      Correct. Kagaya is fucking amazing. Don't watch youtube videos. Don't look up any information. Just go.

      It's bonkers in the very best way.

    You say Kotaku has a love for Japanese culture yet the only articles I usually see here about it is how they are being racist or not progressive enough. Sad!

    Keep in mind that these do not include checked baggage either way, so add another $90 each way for 20kg. makes it far less of a good deal.

    Narita airport has nice ice cream .. My one memory from being stuck there for 12 hours

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