ACCC Reports: FTTN NBN Can't Hit Maximum Broadband Speeds

Image: NBNCo

The rollout of the NBN has been "interesting". While early adopters of the originally planned FttH service have been happy with fast speeds, others who have been on the receiving end of the multi-technology mix have been subject to poor speeds, loss of services and poor technical support.

This prompted the ACCC to take a more direct approach, launching a broadband speed testing program. The first results from that testing are in, suggesting the recent legal actions and public comments are making a difference to broadband performance.

The ACCC tested the 25, 50 and 100 Mbps plans and ADSL services of service providers during February and March this year. The testing covered 400 NBN and ADSL services supplied by over 10 ISPs, reflecting 61,000 individual download speed tests. Looking at the four biggest ISPS, iiNet, Optus, Telstra and TPG, the regulator found the major players are delivering between 80% and almost 91% of the maximum plan speeds in the evening busy hours.

They also found that NBN 25Mbps plans, the standard to which NBN is instructed to build broadband services, significantly outperformed ADSL services. The average ADSL speed is 8Mbps compared with an average of 22-23Mbps for NBN 25Mbps plans.

Image: ACCC

One of the issues the ACCC noted was that FTTN connections that could not support the maximum plan speed were a factor that brought down the average speeds overall. But they expect averages will improve further as service providers act on court-enforceable undertakings and adopt the ACCC advertising guidance.

"The results for some types of services are still lower than we would like, but the overall results go against the current wisdom that the majority of consumers and businesses are having issues with NBN speeds," ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said.

"The relatively high average speeds during peak periods indicate to us that retailers are now providing enough network capacity to meet demand in peak usage periods, including on the top speed plans."

You can read the ACCC's full report for more information.


    I think most of us are past the i told you so phase and just stuck on plain apathy at this point

      I'm still stuck at the "coming soon" stage.

        Just had another year tacked on to mine.

          Mine's HFC so it went from 'expected early 2019' to 'more details in the coming weeks'

          Know that feel. was meant to be installed some time next month, got pushed back to next year.

          So I guess we aren't going to hit the "everyone will have 25M by end of 2016" target. I'm also guessing we won't hit the "everyone will have 50M by end of 2019" target.

            just remember they started all this in 2007

          Same here. I'm guessing that I'll be connected to the NBN on a 50/20 plan but only get 35/10 style speeds by 2021.

          I got a letter 5 years ago saying its coming in the next 12 months and no sign of work commencing yet.

    Only 80% or 80Mbs during peak times? I'd love to be on the end of that NBN lottery!

    Now back to my ADSL conn......

    The original plan for the NBN was to be easily upgradeable to 1Gbps and beyond, it doesn't fill me with confidence that we cant even reliably hit 100Mbps.

      Well to be fair the original plan involved fibre and gutting all the copper out of the equation so if that happens I'm sure the original plan will happen but it is a big if statement right now.

    The LNP Government. Fucking Australians rectally without lube since 2013.

    Last edited 29/03/18 4:10 pm

    Let's not discuss the upload speeds.
    Actually let's...

    I went from being in a house with HFC Nbn to a place with just Cable... I've noticed no difference except my upload speeds being capped at 1mb/s

      I've always love Telstra artificially capping upload speeds for 'network stability'

    How's New Zealand doing with their "fibre network"? It must be really hard aye.

      To be fair, New Zealand doesn't have the geographic challenges that Australia does, nor the political ones.

      Also their decision not to create a single new company to handle it all but tender the cable rollout to power companies who have infrastructure and know-how when it comes to running cables - I wonder what NBN would look like now if we'd thought of that?

      Last edited 30/03/18 9:58 am

    I had FTTN connected around a year and a half ago. The highest speed I could get was 55Mb so I opted for the 50 plan and now get 47Mb. I’ve got to say that it has been flawless! Even in peak hour it never faulters! I had MUCH more problems back with my 3Mb ADSL connection and every other ADSL connection I had in the past. I know that you could say it not cool that I can’t get 100Mb but 47Mb is a ton of speed! I’m not what you’d call a light user either, the household can quite often have 3 or so Netflix streams happening at once which all sit solidly at 1080p with no buffering and I also download PC and Console games regularly, big 50Gb game and even sometime up to 100Gb. Those big 50Gb games take a good 2 and half or so hours but that’s not a lot of time when you consider it would’ve taken me weeks on ADSL especially because no one else could use the net at the same time so if constantly have to stop them. I know that they should if going FTTP for future proofing but I’m going to enjoy the excellent service I have for now! I’m sorry to those of you who haven’t been so lucky on FTTN.

    I swear, we have a bunch of fucking muppets running the show.

    yes they ANNOUNCED this when they went a head with it, did ANY ONE HEAR THEM???

    also is that adsl 1? my adsl went to 20mbp/s

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