According To Mark Hamill, This Was The Ending Of George Lucas’ Episode IX

According To Mark Hamill, This Was The Ending Of George Lucas’ Episode IX
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Star Wars fans are still getting their heads around the game-changing choices Rian Johnson made for the franchise in The Last Jedi. However, it seems as though George Lucas would have made similarly massive decisions if he’d made the sequel trilogy. He just would have waited a bit longer.

Mark Hamill says George Lucas had a very specific idea in mind for Luke post-Return of the Jedi. Image: Disney

In a new interview with IGN, Star Wars star Mark Hamill revealed he spoke to George Lucas about his intentions for Luke Skywalker after Return of the Jedi, and it was partially similar to Johnson’s. “I happen to know that George didn’t kill Luke until the end of [episode] nine, after he trained Leia,” Hamill said. “Which is another thread that was never played upon [in The Last Jedi].”

Johnson, of course, also killed Luke, but did it in Episode VIII, not IX, and Leia was never trained as a Jedi. We did, however, see her use the Force to save her own life in the film.

It sounds as though Lucas’ idea was similar to what occurred in the Expanded Universe, with Luke training Leia to be Jedi and carrying those ideals into the future. So the question is, when did Lucas tell Hamill this? Was it a few years ago, when he revealed to the actor that there would be more Star Wars movies? Or was it decades before, when Lucas had the grand idea for 12 movies? The actor doesn’t say.

Hamill also won’t say if he’s in the actual Episode IX, which is being co-written and directed by J.J. Abrams. “No one’s really talked to me about it,” he said. But if he is, audiences aren’t likely to find out until that film opens in the US on 20 December 2019.



    • I have to stop complaining about this movie really. It’s getting a bit sad. I truly believe though that if the internet was given a one week challenge to write a fanfic sequel trilogy plot we would end up with hundreds of submissions far far better than what J.J and Rian have delivered. One week.

      It boggles my mind that they could be given the Star Wars universe, some of the most iconic characters ever created, a massive budget, and then deliver The Farce Awakens and TLJ. Unbelievable.

    • not so much his death but, how it ended up there. a lot of not so Luke moments lead up to it. that’s what most people dislike.

  • Luke’ll definitely be a force ghost in 9, probably along side mute CGI/unused footage of Leia. And Yoda, and pretty much everyone who died along the way.

    • Yeah, there’s no way Disney will hold back from milking all possible star power and nostalgia, no matter how tasteless or moronic.

      …I kinda liked Awakens, Rogue One and Last Jedi as entertaining summer flicks. I ain’t even a hater. But you can really taste the corporate focus groups, and they all could’ve been better without that.

      • “…taste the corporate focus groups…”
        This is my problem with Marvel movies, and probably why I really like Iron Man 2 and 3 despite them being amongst the worst of Marvel movie ratings by fans, and I can imagine that’s why they’re so hard pressed to push everything from those movies out of the canon.

  • I think they owe it to Hamill and the fans to have him in the last movie. Alec Guinness was pretty much a force ghost for most of the original trilogy. It would be nice considering Hamill is the only original actor still able to realistically come back. But what would I know I’ve only been a Star Wars fan for most of my life.

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