Add Your Own Music To Final Fantasy 15

Add Your Own Music To Final Fantasy 15

We haven’t gotten to some of the crazier Final Fantasy XV mods that we know some gamers will eventually make, but for now here’s a neat tool to customise the aural experience.

The official FFXV soundtrack is fine for me, but if you’d like a different genre of music for your roadtrip, then the FFXV Radio Tuner can help.

It’s a small mod – 18.5MB – that lets you replace the in-game music with anything of your choice. The tool even acts as a basic music player, so you can listen to the FFXV soundtrack (as the SAB/MAB files won’t typically be picked up by your standard audio player).

FFXV Radio Tuner over one of the two main music folders in the FFXV install directory. Image: Kotaku

If that’s not enough, you can also export any of the readable FFXV audio files as an MP3, WAV or OGG file.

On the surface, this doesn’t seem like a whole lot – it’s just replacing audio, after all. But there’s a certain charm to journeying the open-world with some classic Final Fantasy tunes. Or maybe ruining Noctis’ adventure with the most inappropriate music possible.

To muck around with FFXV Radio Tuner, head over to ModDB.


  • I actually don’t like this idea as much as I thought I would. FF music, in general, is very VERY geared towards creating an atmosphere, and any music that deviates from that messes with that feel they’re trying to create. FF15’s soundtrack, combined with being able to play other FF music why driving, creates the atmosphere of the game.

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