Alas, Sea Of Thieves Servers Have Run Aground [Updated]

Alas, Sea Of Thieves Servers Have Run Aground [Updated]

Sea of Thieves has officially launched in North America and the servers are playing up.

Day one of a major online title having server issues. Who could’ve predicted this?

It was too much to hope for smooth sailing. Players trying to join Sea of Thieves are experiencing ‘Greybeard’ errors, which relate to the game’s matchmaking services.

Trying to get around this by going solo is generating ‘Cinnamonbeard’ errors, which are another type of matchmaking error.

You’ll just have to be a patient pirate while this is sorted out. Maybe go watch Muppet Treasure Island while Rare bails out their servers.

We’ll do our best to keep you updated on when the seas have settled.

Update 5:15pm AEDT – Both matchmaking and solo play appear to be working now. I was able to log in to both with less than a minute wait. Looks like the storm has passed, full sail ahead!


      • You’ll probably find that the load testing helped minimise impact for today, but (correct me if I’m wrong) no game has managed to successfully forecast multiplayer playerbase on day 1 in the last couple of years.

        • Yeah. No-one who’s ever followed an MMO should be remotely surprised at launch woes for games which require online services to function.

          My snark comes from the fact that solo really shouldn’t require that kind of bullshit, and the fact that it does is one of the many drawbacks of the Publishers’ love of ‘games as a service’ instead of a product.

          • My understanding is that solo refers to whether you’re part of a squad or running solo.

            Surely the game is multiplayer only.

            This isn’t like Diablo 3 where the always online is irrelevant for a significant number of players.

        • To be fair, the Legion launch for WoW, and I think WoD as well, but I could be wrong there, went off without a hitch. No queues, no real downtime. Not a full game, but a massive player base, and we were all bracing for queues and outages that just never happened.

          • Ironically (or perhaps incidentally), that’s the only expansion I didn’t play in launch week, thanks to how much of a clusterfuck every preceding expansion was. I wonder how many others did much the same, resulting in smaller queues…

          • You have a point, and that could have contributed. They did improve their server tech though to handle the influx of players coming back, and it still felt real busy /shrug. Be interesting in September when BfA comes out to see if they can launch just as well again.

  • Should have done it like Monster Hunter. Online as “lobby” and without connection user can still play alone.

    • Monster Hunter’s is frustratingly full of unintuitive, needlessly time-consuming and restrictive bullshit, but at least it lets you play offline.

      • What kind of time-consuming and restrictive bullshit are you talking about? Don’t tell me it is the end game grind for equipment.

        • Nah, the multi is full of needlessly time-consuming hurdles to play, especially if you’re trying to start from scratch and play co-op with a partner – every bloody assignment requires each of you to start solo, then join each other, which was utterly unnecessary and pointless. Not to mention the hassles of squad management for online sessions, or the limitations of the SOS system. Or trying to jump straight into an expedition with someone, and how it’s… y’know. Not actually possible; you have to join a mission together THEN do the expedition. Hope you like completely fucking unnecessary loading screens!

          The multi really is one of the more shambolic versions in gaming history.

    • It’s a co-op game – you need to play as a crew. You need minimum a navigator, a steerer, and at least one person to manage the sails. And if in combat you need at 1-3 people to man the cannons and at least one person to repair the damage to the ship.
      It wouldn’t be playable without online.

      • That’s not what the devs were saying prior to launch about people being able to play single-player.

        I guess some people will say anything to get what they want?

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