All The Witcher's Witches

This mass cosplay shoot was put together by the very talented Milligan Vick, and features 10 members of The Lodge of Sorceresses.

You could argue it isn't quite everyone, since Yenn isn't there, but a) it isn't like she was a willing participant and b) I think we've had enough amazing Yenn cosplay already, thanks, we can survive without her here.

The cosplayers are:

Lio as Margarita

Daria as Fringilla

Torie as Ida

Mari Evans as Assire

Anastasia as Philippa

Marianna as Sabrina

Anna as Francesca

Vatari as Sheala

Prince Ari as Triss

Torie as Keira

All photos, of course, by Milligan Vick.


    small nitpick sorceress not witch

    Last edited 08/03/18 10:33 pm

    Fuck me, that Keira looks likes she was the god damn model for her, its full on 100% match. If she can act, looks like we've found her actress

    Pretty accurate but can't help get the feeling that these photos have had a whole heap of post processing done. Still pretty cool though

    Geralt! Stop posting your scrapbook on the Internet!

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