Aussies Play Unfortunate Part In New Counter-Strike Record, But Win Anyway

Aussies Play Unfortunate Part In New Counter-Strike Record, But Win Anyway
Image: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

A new record was set for modern Counter-Strike this week, with one player upping the record for most kills in a professional match to a staggering 47. In an era where defuses doesn’t add three to your score, it’s a huge accomplishment – and one that was only possible thanks to the generous contributions of Australians.

Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke joined OpTic Gaming’s CS:GO roster just over a month ago, as part of a larger reshuffle that blended American players with three players from Denmark.

The new roster has largely worked out so far, hovering just outside the top 3 for the seventh season of the American quadrant of the ESL Pro League. But k0nfig’s best game under OpTic by some considerable distance was in the online qualifiers for DreamHack Masters Marseille lately, where the Danish rifler proceeded to obliterate the (mostly) Australian roster of Renegades on Overpass.

By the 12th round, k0nfig had 28 frags, more than all of Renegades or his remaining OpTic teammates put together. He ended the first half with 32 kills, and according to stats on he finished the game 47-6-21 (kills/assists/deaths). The match was played online, rather than a LAN environment, but racking up 47 kills in any formal setting is a tall order regardless, especially against professional opponents.

That was 24 frags ahead of the next best player on the server and 25 frags ahead of the next best player on OpTic. OpTic only won the match 16-13, which gives you an indication of just how hard k0nfig carried:


Remarkably, k0nfig’s efforts were in vain. The win on Overpass didn’t stop Renegades from comfortably putting OpTic away on Inferno and Train, earning Renegades a valuable spot to the $US250,000 event next month.


  • Knowing k0nfig that must’ve burnt him pretty bad to have lost the series, the only player I think that would’ve hated that more than him would be s1mple.
    Side note: It’s a rollercoaster of emotions being a Renegades fan :-/

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