Bloodborne Headlines March's PlayStation Plus Lineup

If you don't own Bloodborne, you're in luck with March's PlayStation Plus offerings. There are also going to be some changes coming to PS Plus next year.

Today's PS Plus blog includes the announcement that starting on 8 March 2019, PS3 and Vita games will no longer be included in the lineup. It isn't entirely a surprise, but it's a bit of a shame.

According to Polygon, a Sony representative told them once the changes take place, the PS Plus lineup will be comprised of only two free PS4 games.

As always, these games are only "free" if you have an active PlayStation Plus account. March's PlayStation Plus lineup is:

PlayStation 4

  • Bloodborne
  • Ratchet & Clank

PlayStation 3

  • Legend of Kay Anniversary
  • Mighty No. 9 (crossbuy with PS4)

PlayStation Vita (Crossbuy with PS4)

  • Claire: Extended Cut
  • Bombing Busters


    I can see why the PS Vita and PS3 games will cease. They've been scraping the bottom of the barrel for some time now (with the odd exception). They obviously don't want to spend money on content for legacy systems.

    Damn, Bloodborne is pretty decent for a PS+ freebie.

    Ending the PS3 / Vita games kind of sucks, though, assuming PS+ won't get any cheaper as a result.

    May not get cheaper, but may mean get bigger/better games for PS4 every month, rather than the every now and then we currently get.

      You're assuming the PS3/Vita share of the Instant Game Collection budget is more than diddly squat.


        Didn’t think of it that way tbh. But your probably right. More wishful thinking on my part.

    I'll miss the PS Vita games, but I have so many I haven't got to yet I probably won't notice for a while. May still get the occasional cross play bone though.

    Bloodborne plus R&C is probably the best PS+ month ever. Please accept Sony's apologies for Knack month.

    Can't wait to roll a new guy on BB and hunt new players.

      Criticise Knack all you want but my 5 year old loves it! This month is great though.

    Great line up for March, but am really disappointed by the PS3/Vita news. There is a huge backlog of games, especially for PS3. I've actually really enjoyed playing a good number that I missed or didn't bother with first-time-round. Many of the older titles are hard to come by now, or are on crappy old scratched discs - versus shiny digital download.

    This on top of last years price rise :(

    Unfortunately, Sony now has me by the balls. Give up the subscription and I'd lose 50% of my games library, especially the older titles that are hard to come by. Or pray that the two PS4 titles are worth it...

      I'd love it if they surprise us and just have the entire PS3 & Vita back catalogues available for PS+ subscribers. Wishful thinking...

    aaaaand i just restarted Bloodborne! The multiplayer population will be back up and it's going to be great!

    My threaded cane Maria cosplay character is coming out of retirement today.

      Funnily enough I just restarted Bloodborne a few days ago too

    I've had the platinum on Bloodborne for a while now but I think a little scrub stomping will bring me back.

    Bloodborne is just fantastic. I've been dripfeeding on it for years, still only beat two bosses!

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