Company Of Heroes Gets The Star Wars Treatment

Company Of Heroes Gets The Star Wars Treatment

The original Company of Heroes is still one of the best strategy games ever made. So how do you make it better? By giving the whole thing a Star Wars overhaul.

Star Wars Frontlines is a total conversion for Company of Heroes that transports the WW2 RTS into the middle of the Galactic Civil War, with players able to play as either the Empire or the Rebels.

The first alpha became available recently, and while there’s plenty of effects, AI work and polish to go, both factions are playable. There’s also a working commander tree for each side, original Star Wars music (which I’m sure Disney totally approved) and a custom map inspired by Tatooine that’s designed for infantry combat.

The game reminds me a little of the glory days of Star Wars strategy games, like Star Wars: Rebellion, Force Commander and Empire at War. While we probably won’t see remasters or remakes of those titles any time soon under Disney’s guidance, fan-based mods like Frontlines are better than nothing.

To find out more about Star Wars Frontlines, head to the official ModDB page. You can also join the official Discord for more info.


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