Cyan Is Updating All The Myst Games To Celebrate The Series’ 25th Anniversary

Cyan Is Updating All The Myst Games To Celebrate The Series’ 25th Anniversary
Image: Cyan Inc.

The legacy of Cyan’s puzzle-solving Myst series mightn’t be obvious these days, but for those of us who were around when it was first released in 1993 — and subsequently blown away by the graphics and animation — it’s certainly not forgotten. After some hard work securing the rights for its legacy titles, Myst developer Cyan Inc. has announced plans to update all its games for modern systems.

This isn’t completely out of the blue — 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of Myst‘s release. OK, it’s still somewhat out of the blue, but it seems like the perfect time to make this kind of announcement.

Cyan’s even done a takeover of the Myst website with this lovely image:

Image: Cyan Inc.

Apparently, Cyan didn’t have all its legal ducks in a row to make this happen sooner, as it explains in a message accompanying the takeover:

Over the last few years we’ve been working to procure the rights to make all of the Myst games available. As an indie developer, resources are limited for development, and acquiring rights isn’t always an option.

But we managed to finally talk to all the right people and departments and put some funding together to try to make it happen. With agreements in place, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be releasing updated (for Windows 10) versions of all the Myst games later this year!

It goes on to mention that Cyan’s thinking of making a “physical collection in a unique package with a cool artifact” — essentially, a collectors edition.

Cyan hasn’t released any details relating to timelines or cost at this stage, but just knowing something’s happening is good enough for now!

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  • The ending has not yet been written…

    Yes it has. It’s called Myst 5. X-P

    Jokes aside, I wouldn’t mind an anniversary edition.

    I just hope that Cyan realises that the only people who will pay for this edition will be me and at most 10 other people.

    Back in the day, it was one of the champion examples of the adventure genre. Today, it is a very narrow niche.

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