Dark Souls Expert Beats Entire Series Without Getting Hit

Dark Souls Expert Beats Entire Series Without Getting Hit

Back in 2016, streamer The_Happy_Hob pulled off the world’s first no-hit run of Dark Souls, a feat that left series director Hidetaka Miyazaki in a state of disbelief. Now he’s topped himself — three times over.

After 12 months of work and some crushingly painful setbacks, The_Happy_Hob has completed Dark Souls 1, 2, and 3 back to back to back without ever getting hit. To be clear, this meant that if he meticulously cleared Dark Souls 1 and 2 without so much as a spear tip tickling his ribs, only to get hit during 3‘s final fight, that was it.

Game over. Back to the beginning of the first game. That exact scenario played out once, and as you can imagine, The_Happy_Hob was devastated.

“No fucking way!” he shouted before nearly breaking down into tears.

Yesterday, however, he finally pulled it off, in reverse: he barely made a peep as he took on Dark Souls 1‘s final boss after having cleared games 3 and 2. As he landed the final blow, he unleashed a triumphant scream.

If you’d like to know more about how he did it, Redditor Wise__Words put together a handy FAQ. In short, though, The_Happy_Hob used some clever tricks involving fall damage (still allowed in a no-hit run) and repeating certain boss fights to make the whole thing possible.

By and large, though, it was a glitch-free, magic-free run with a million and a half close shaves at melee range.

“Gaming history!” The_Happy_Hob shouted at the end of the run. “It’s easy,” he added almost in a whisper, before laughing like a man whose sanity abandoned him so long ago that he barely remembers ever having it — which makes sense, given that he ever decided to tackle this challenge in the first place.


  • How many months of your life do you need to dedicate full time to replaying a game, trying to do these challenges?
    I would likely hate gaming after doing something like this and drive over my PC with a truck!

    • its his job, thousands of people watch him and pay him to watch. Not a bad life i reckon

  • I played Dark Souls on the 360 and had trouble gegtting into it, but now I’m playing Nioh and loving it. Can anyone recommend whether DS 2 or 3 is most similar to Nioh, or even which would be better to start off with as a bit fo a DS noob? I’d like to give it another shot. Thanks very much 🙂

    • I rage quite Dark Souls on the 360 twice and couldn’t get into it. I then tried a third time and got hooked. It took me 90 hours (with 0 internet guidance) but in the end I loved it. I haven’t tried DS2 and DS3 yet because well… I have kids and work and life gets in the way and I don’t really want to obsess over it and go through all of those emotions all over again!

    • I hear skip over ds2 and go to ds3.
      But if you want something closer to nioh maybe bloodborne is the way to go?

      • This for sure. For the love of all that is holy skip DS2, it’s awful. DS3 is the easiest of the lot I’d argue (though maybe that’s just after having so much experience with the Souls games). Bloodborne is also a very solid call. I didn’t like it as much as Dark Souls, and I still haven’t finished it, but it’s a more aggressive style of game (which I believe Nioh is? I’ve not actually played it). Also depends on whether you like fantasy or Lovecraftian horror as a theme more.

      • It’s a fantastic game. Also the most content of all the souls games.
        The hate is a case of internet hyperbole running riot

        • I’ve played them all since Demon Souls. It’s not internet hyperbole.

          Dark Souls 2 has some nice moments, but for me has always been the weakest. There’s a real lack of consistency both visually and mechanically to a lot of the environments which arguably makes it looks worse than Dark Souls 1 because of it. It feels like a level pack for Dark Souls, kinda how you’d get a quake level pack in the 90s.

          The DLC though is top notch, plays well and looks amazing.

          • It’s still leagues ahead of most games. It just isn’t the best souls game.
            Would play it any day over the crap Ubisoft/EA throw at us

        • The opening was great, but it goes downhill fast.

          Things I detest about it:

          – Decrease in max health the more you die. The inclusion of a ring to limit this to 25% max loss instead of 50% max loss (exact numbers? It’s been a while) goes some distance to mitigate this, but then why not just remove the mechanic?
          – Difficulty is increased by vastly outnumbering the player. This is a cheap tactic and makes death feel unfair.
          – Most of the vanilla bosses are Guy With Armour, Generic Boss of Lordran. Personal preference, but they were uninteresting to me.
          – Weapons lose durability absurdly fast

          I couldn’t play more than a few hours without becoming frustrated, and not the usual kind of Souls frustration—instead of fighting the enemies, it felt like I was fighting the game.

  • DS1 and DS3 are superior… however DS2 has a couple of my favourite moments from the entire series. I also found the beginning of DS2 more engaging. The background story / lore of DS2 is also very good.

    Would never recommend skipping it.

    • Please present this supposed rulebook that apparently you think exists that claims the usage of a HUD mod is grounds for disqualification from a non existent competition.

  • I could totally do that, but you know, don’t wanna take away this guys achievements or anything.

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