Deals: Discover A New World With InnerSpace For 15% Off

For the adventurous at heart, many lament the fact that much of this planet's exploring has already been done for us. However, that's not to say that we're barred from feeling that empowering sense of discovery.

InnerSpace has been hailed as an immersive and captivating adventure game that tasks you with uncovering the secrets of a lost world, and you can play it today for 15% off its usual price.

InnerSpace is an exploration flying game from PolyKnight Games that charges the player with soaring through virgin skies, diving into unknown seas, and uncovering hidden messages from a civilization that once ruled the world. You'll adapt lost technologies to build new airframes that enhance your flying abilities, and you'll cross paths with demigods who still linger in the world, hoarding what secrets and power they have left.

You can start your next great journey with InnerSpace, now on sale for $21 AUD [$17 USD].

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