DeepDex For Android Is A Real-Life Pokedex For 'Capturing' Pokemon

Pokemon GO might have the market cornered when it comes to combining Nintendo's cash charmeleon with augmented reality, but there's still a lot more you can do with a smartphone and the popular franchise. Take DeepDex, an Android app that acts like a real-life pokedex, allowing you to "catch" pokemon by snapping photos of them.

According to the developer, DeepDex uses a blend of artificial intelligence and image recognition to figure out what pokemon it's looking at. In the case of the demo video, it's a giant pikachu toy, which it correctly identifies.

If you're wondering, no, this isn't an official product, just a "fan-based project".

Image: DeepDex / YouTube

I suppose you could cheat by sitting in front of Google Images and searching for every pokemon, but that's hardly fun, is it?

DeepDex - IRL Pokédex (Beta) [Google Play]


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