Detroit: Become Human Launches May 25

Detroit: Become Human will be out May 25, Sony announced this morning.

The PS4 exclusive has seen its fair share of controversy during development including a trailer last summer that was criticised for its portrayal of domestic abuse.

Despite Political Overtones, David Cage Says Detroit Is Mostly About Androids

Near the end of the Detroit. Become Human demo I saw during E3, renegade android Markus and his partner North incite a riot among recently freed androids.

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David Cage's Quantic Dream Accused Of Being A Toxic Workplace

Reports in three separate French outlets depict a pattern of inappropriate behaviour, sexist and homophobic jokes, and an overall toxic environment at Quantic Dream, something the video game studio's executives strongly deny.

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We'll see whether the Quantic Dream game avoids the pitfalls of its predecessor.


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