EA Removes ‘Star Wars Open-World Project’ From New Job Listing At EA Vancouver

EA Removes ‘Star Wars Open-World Project’ From New Job Listing At EA Vancouver
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If you’re going to announce a new AAA title, the last place you want to do it is in a job listing. Unfortunately (for publishers / developers anyway), this is a thing that happens. The latest HR blunder comes from EA, which reportedly posted a job listing for a “Lead Online Engineer” to work on “a Star Wars open-world project”.

Going from the original story by Gamespot’s Chris Pereira, it appears the job description once featured the words “lead a team to deliver online features for a Star Wars open-world project”.

However, this sentence is no longer present in the current listing, instead replaced with:

We are looking for a talented and experienced Lead Online Engineer to join an established, experienced team of developers working on a AAA Star Wars title in development at EA Vancouver.

This is an opportunity to join a veteran team to design, architect, and implement the Online infrastructure for the project, while working with industry-leading central technologies.

Considering Star Wars: The Old Republic is still a thing, one has to wonder what type of game EA Vancouver is working on, though it could be related to Visceral's (sadly) doomed Star Wars project.

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For now, speculation will have to do -- given this slip-up, it's unlikely we'll hear more until EA is good and ready.

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  • I’m sure people who apply will be filled with a sense of pride and accomplishment as they unlock a new career path

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