Far Cry 5 Has Some Very Good Dogs

Far Cry 5 is not a game about cults, the American wilderness or murderous turkeys. It is, at its heart, a game about some very good boys (and girls).

After the disappointment of some other recent open-world games — Zelda didn't let you pet the animals, and AC Origins was stingy with its cat cuddles — Far Cry 5 gives you the one prompt you need to see every time you approach a lil' buddy:

That's a good boy who sits outside a resistance town. Here is another dog I found while hunting:

And here's one who was hanging around a pumpkin farm:

And here's Boomer, a dog you can rescue and who becomes one of your allies on missions:

We are now all best friends.

NOTE: please only pet the good dogs. The bad dogs who are trying to kill you are bad.


    Every now and then you come across a wandering gun seller who tend to have a dog buddy.
    Sadly, for me at least, I seem to only come across these merchants when I (or they) are being attacked so as I raise my weapon to take the shot, one of them is guaranteed to run into the bullet.
    Neither man, nor dog, take kindly to seeing their companion being gunned down.
    I'm sorry! I'm sorry, okay! But it's your own bloody fault you know!

      Those gun sellers are awful hunters.

      Half the time I find one they get jumped by a cougar before I can get close enough.
      One time I shot at a bear who ran off an decided to kill a hunter on the way who didn't even attempt to react or shoot, just casually walked toward the rampaging bear and got mauled.

    I have personally shot every single dog i have come across in this game,
    Shot all of them in "The Division" too
    (i think that might've been because of an article here telling me i shouldn't)
    I've had to kill a bunch of civilians because of it.
    or leave the area for a bit and they calm down about it.

    I hate that one of them is a companion.
    I hate when i am forced to have one as a companion like in fable 2.

    Furbabies is a creepy obsession.
    I don't believe in "dogs are family"
    I believe it breeds a complacent owner
    Who doesn't train and socialize their dog
    and wouldn't look for the warning signs when it attacks someone.
    and who's last words to the person who is out running, or the child playing nearby is
    "Oh don't worry he doesn't bite"
    before it bites.

      Sounds like you have a bit of a 'creepy obsession' yourself.

      Someone's projecting personal issues on a game...

      You were clearly bitten as a child.
      Which is sad.
      but as a result
      It has led to a high level of sociopathic tendencies.

      This is demonstrable both by your description of your actions
      and the creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy way
      you typed your post.

    Will there be an Australian localisation that allows me to "Pat" the dog?

      Would you like your dinner mashed for you as well?

      To pet usually involves a stroking motion, whereas to pat involves tapping on just one spot. Both are acceptable, both are correct.

      The real question is, will there be a dictionary available to help the Grammar Nazi's who get things like this wrong consistently?

      Source: I'm a goddamn English teacher :)

    Thank you for not using the word "doggo"

    This isn't reddit.

    So I can commit wholesale slaughter upon humankind and pat the puppies?


      not just the puppies, but a bear addicted to cheeseburgers and a big kitty named peaches

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