FF15’s Noctis Perfectly Fits In Tekken 7

FF15’s Noctis Perfectly Fits In Tekken 7

Final Fantasy‘s Noctis is in Tekken 7 and, somehow, it works great. He’s a flashy, strong sword fighter who is totally true-to-form in the fighting game.

When publisher Bandai Namco announced that prince Noctis would appear in Tekken 7, fans were psyched but not entirely surprised. Tekken‘s World Tour was sponsored by Cup Noodles, which feature prominently in the fantasy driving/dating simulator game Final Fantasy XV. And anyway, Notcis should be everywhere, including the upcoming Super Smash Bros. on the Switch, right, Nintendo …?

Noctis’ signature sword-fighting style fits in nicely with Tekken 7‘s cast of heroes, a few of whom, like Yoshimitsu, wield swords. Canonically, he summons his sword from thin air, which, in Tekken, looks amazing and makes a fun shoosh sound.

He’s got an ability where he throws his sword and teleports, just like in FFXV. His Rage Arts move has him teleporting all around and hitting an opponent in a flurry of rapidly changing weapons before dropping his enemy to the ground.

What makes fighting-game Noctis work best, in my opinion, is how low-effort, high-reward a lot of his moves feel. In FFXV, you can just button-mash and send Noctis into an epic, multi-combo fighting frenzy. In Tekken 7, nothing could be more fitting.

Beginners (or FFXV fans hoping to dip their toes in) who get a lot out of one or two-button combos will love how good Noctis’ attacks look under any circumstances. Experts will go crazy over his remarkable range.

He’s not amazing in close-quarters combat, but with proper distancing, Noctis is an absolute monster.

Players can download Noctis for $US7.99 ($10) from the PlayStation store. Along with the Final Fantasy XV protagonist, players get the gorgeous “Hammerhead” stage, FFSV‘s dusty gas station environment where Noctis’ buddies Ignis, Prompto and Gladiolus cheer him on from their sleek Regalia car. FFXV composer Yoko Shimomura’s rousing battle music plays in the background.


  • I completely missed Tekken 7 getting released. 2017 was brutal for games that weren’t stand out amazing. Anyone here play it? Any thoughts?

    • Yeah played it a ton on PC, so quick run down for you:

      – Best Tekken to play to date, very refined fighting mechanics compared to previous installments, very fluid and very balanced, though some characters are harder to learn than others depending on your playstyle (same as any fighter is suppose). Easy to play this time around and hard to master as tekken always is until you improve.

      – the Street fighter and different styles of gameplay actually are incorporated well and make it easy to start playing tekken with something more familiar is you’ve played the other franchises

      – Rage arts seem OP but are really just flashy and noob friendly, after you’ve played a bit the one button super is easy to pick out/avoid. When you’re new it can actually add a lot and brings in a strategic element when your opponents low on health

      – Story mode is meh and in general the game has a lack of modes (something like team battle would be great)

      – User interface is a million times better than previous games

      – Graphics are quite an improvement (especially having played tekken 6 again recently). Play on PC for the best looking version.

      – Some stages are very bland and lack variety (theres like 4 mountain/volcano stages), the blandness can be fixed with a couple of stage modes that add the colour back in and fix the lighting. The new stages (howard estate and hammerhead add a lot) – 23 stages in all

      – Some favourite characters are missing (Lie/Anna/Zafina/Baek/Mokujin/Wang/Marduk/Ganru to name a few), but the roster is fairly large and well balanced though with around 39 characters or so

      – Customisation lacks variety, there are quite a few outfits but nothing substantial. Noctis for instance is pretty limited, and the Bears even more so. Can change colours on most items though (except for the joke items).

      – Online for AU can be a bit barren if you decide to play online outside of peak times. Play on PS4 for the highest user base/quicker online matches (unfortunately there is no cross platform play – apparently Sony said no because they are the market leader, M$ did the same thing last gen when they were market leaders) Net code is pretty good though. Local play is still the best way to play.

      – Don’t buy the season pass, just get the two/three characters available. Season pass includes bowling and two characters, bowling is meh and you’ll get bored in 5 seconds, i think the characters are $8 Au each (includes the characters own stage), except for Eliza who’s $5 (at least on steam) and has no stage.

      – The new characters in general are really fluid and fun to play and with Noctis its easy to pull off exotic looking combos.

      Anyway definitely the most fun version of Tekken I’ve played, only let down by some average game modes, costumes and the odd bland stage. If they fix that (and maybe bring back Lei haha) it will definitely be the best overall fighters out there – depends if they are still making content though as it came out in the Japanese arcades a long time back and for some reason Bandai/Namco are Arcade first… I guess arcades still do well over there – pretty much no where else though..

      If you wanted to wait a few months more SoulCalibur 6 will be out and so far its looking good. Adding Geralt/Witcher 3 to the roster is a great move i think – and its not an arcade first approach. Since they are basically trying to reboot the series and are apparently listening to fans its likely to have a lot of content and address issues with pretty much every soul calibur game since SC2..

      • Wow, thank you for the comprehensive breakdown. I think I’ll have to look out for this one sooner rather than later, the Tekken series is the fighter I’ve probably put the most about of time in, playing a lot of 3, 4 and 5. Looks like this’ll be my reason to finally pick up a second PS4 controller

  • Just a heads up, in the last paragraph there’s a typo. You wrote ‘FFSV’ as opposed to ‘FFXV’. Just something small I noticed.

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