Final Fantasy 15, As Told By Steam Reviews

It took more than a year, but the good, good anime boys' roadtrip tour finally made a stop on PC. Have Steam reviewers accepted the sprawling, uneven fishing simulator in spite of its flaws, though? (Spoiler: Yes.)

Given Square Enix's not-so-great history with PC ports, we breathed a sigh of relief when it became apparent that Final Fantasy 15's PC version (mostly) runs like a dream. It also includes a load of DLC, some new story scenes, and a lore encyclopedia to help people make sense of the game's labyrinthine backstory. At its core, though, Final Fantasy 15 is still two games: 1) An open-world RPG about likeable guys with great hair shenaniganing around and taking bad selfies and 2) all the confusing stuff that happens after that. Steam users are digging it! Well, mostly.


    No insult intended, but my favourite description belongs to a PSN who asked in chat:

    "Is that the one about a gay boy band driving around paying $50 for a sandwich?"

      Only 50? More like 13k.

      When you use the word 'but' it negates everything before it.

      For example:
      "I'm not sexist, but..."
      "I'm not racist, but..."
      "I'm not a homophobe, but..."

        I understand your sentiment, but that's not how language works.
        For example, and not a passive aggressive swipe, "No offence, but I believe you stepped over a line", doesn't negate the preceding comment where as "No offence, but your a stupid idiot" would.

        I'm simply stating I mean no offence and recognise that some might feel so regardless.
        If they do so choose, It's not something I can really help and I'm comfortable enough with myself and beliefs to know who I am.
        (For arguments sake, what ever floats you boat is fine by me, I won't judge nor coddle)

    Haha! Some nice reviews there. I enjoyed this game more than I thought I would. First game since FFX that made me actually care about the characters. Do yourself a favour and find the Pitioss Ruins dungeon. Weirdest thing ever that feels like it's from a different game and hints at a backstory that's frustratingly never told in the main story line.

      I just looked up the Pitioss dungeon to see if it was one I did, the instructions on how to get there started with getting a flying car. I didn't even realise this was a thing 0_0.

    I finally finished off (the story quests of) FFXV after 65ish hours of gameplay spread out over 18 months last weekend.
    I was actually really sucked into the story in those later hours and so happy it had such a satisfying ending.
    The games a really unique experience, would recommend to people.

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