The Switch's Joy-Con Is Getting A D-Pad From Hori

Screenshot: Hori

This July, Japanese peripheral maker Hori is releasing a Joy-Con with a proper D-pad. Thank goodness for that! You will, however, have to trade some standard features for it.

The current left Joy-Con features face buttons as does the right one. But if you mostly play in handheld mode, a left-side D-pad might be more comfortable. Hence, why Hori is selling a left Joy-Con with a D-pad.

Note that it can only be used in the handheld mode and doesn't have acceleration, gyro sensor or vibration features.

According to 4Gamer, it's priced at 2,678 yen ($32.98), and there's currently no word of an international release.


    Why even bother, put in the extra features and sell it and whatever price, it will sell.

      might have something to do with Nintendo having the intellectual rights to some of the features like HD rumble and not giving out a licence for them to third party manufacturers.

        honestly don't even bother making the controller in that case

          ehh some people may prefer a traditional D-Pad they can attach to the switch rather than carrying around a pro controller with them. There's really nothing wrong with offering consumer choice.

    Today in solutions to problems nobody actually has.

    If Switch gets a big virtual console catalogue eventually people will want to play the classics on the Switch in the handheld form with a proper d-pad.

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